The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly is mailed four times a year to everyone that owns property and/or resides in Tunbridge and contains news and information from town and school officials and local volunteer efforts. The brainchild of Tunbridge resident Janet Zug, its first edition was published in July 2005 and has been curated by Janet ever since.

The deadlines for TQ entries are on the 15th of December, March, June and September. Contact Janet at 802-889-9602 or [email protected]


Published July 1, 2023 – Follow this link to view or download the current issue in PDF format.

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Tunbridge Selectboard
John O’Brien, Clerk
889-3474; [email protected]
Gary Mullen, Chair
889-3323, barn or 889-3242, house; [email protected]
Mike McPhetres, Vice Chair
802-272-6108, cell or 802-728-3390, shop; [email protected]
Mariah Cilley, Administrative Assistant
802-889-5521 or [email protected]

Many Tunbridge residents may not be aware of a recent controversy concerning legal trails in Tunbridge; we, the selectboard, would like to raise awareness of this controversy as it has necessitated the spending of a significant amount of taxpayer dollars.

Until three years ago, legal trails (defined as legal rights-of-way and/or downgraded Class IV roads) were open to non-motorized travel by all, regardless of mode. Landowners were aware of these trails and, until recently, coexisted with the occasional hikers and bikers who used them to cross their property. But times change, and with them, the use of these trails has changed in unexpected ways. Cycling, in particular, has grown immensely, as evidenced by the recent Ranger ride held in Tunbridge.

An out-of- town landowner has raised issues about use of trails by any wheeled vehicles, in particular, bicycles. He believes he has the authority to regulate the means that people use to travel town trails that cross his property. He has chosen to sue the town, seeking to exercise that authority. As of this writing, the town has been forced to spend over $14,000 in legal fees to defend the rights of all people to use the trails.

In the interim, the selectboard made the decision to limit access to the trails to walkers only, in an effort to keep them accessible to the public and in an attempt to neutralize the situation and forestall additional legal fees while waiting for the courts to rule. Thus far the court has ruled in favor of Tunbridge, but more lawsuits (and more legal fees) are on the horizon.

The intent of the selectboard is to come to a resolution that will be satisfactory to all – landowners, walkers, and cyclists. Proposals have included requiring permits for large-group use, restricting use of trails in environmentally sensitive areas, limiting trails to walkers only, or the construction (at town expense) of alternative routes that protect landowner privacy.

The selectboard is soliciting public feedback on this issue. More detailed history of the legal issues, complaints, and rulings to date are available at the town offices. The selectboard takes its job protecting the interests of its citizens- as residents, taxpayers and landowners- very seriously. So far they have dealt with accusations of partiality from both sides, and are being forced to engineer temporary compromises that they hope will limit further financial damage to the town.

We own our flubs, and the Selectboard flubbed on the proposed Noise Ordinance for Tunbridge. Following a neighbor-to-neighbor complaint, the Selectboard discovered that without a town ordinance, no enforcement is possible when “excessive” noise is an issue, the sort of impasse that can lead to dangerous escalating tension between neighbors. Following the Vermont League of Cities and Towns advice, we drafted an ordinance based on other towns. Nothing fancy, just a basic ordinance to give municipal Tunbridge and law enforcement some traction in a neighborly dispute. All the proper open meeting rules and timelines were followed. But the processed was often back-burnered by the ongoing legal trails dispute, how to spend the ARPA funds, and our regular duties, like budgeting. When the noise ordinance was approved it caught many residents by surprise. Ted Hoyt started a petition to reconsider, essentially saying, “Whoa, Nelly, this needs more town discussion!” It didn’t take us long to say, “You are right.” The Noise Ordinance has been tabled until further town-wide debate can be accommodated, most likely at next year’s Town Meeting.

Have you ever wanted to meet everybody in town — and get paid for it? Tunbridge is looking for one or two people to run the Transfer Station. Mike Barnaby is finding it hard to squeeze his dump days into a busy work and family schedule, and super sub, Rod Fisk, likes being just that. It’s not an easy job, but an important one, with a lot of responsibility and also the opportunity to tweak the system and make it better. Please be in touch if you might be just a little tempted, Wednesday evenings and/or Saturdays.

The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly
Janet Zug 889-9602 [email protected]

TQ Entries are printed as received and only edited for typos. My apologies for any mistakes I miss or make! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

The deadline dates for TQ entries are the 15th of December, March, June and September.

Tunbridge Town Clerk
Mariah Cilley, Clerk 889-5521
Bonnie McCrillis, Asst Clerk [email protected]
Hours: Monday-Thursday 8-2 call or email to set up another time

Hi Tunbridge! A bit rainy for my liking, but the gardens are enjoying it. I always find I don’t have much to talk about in this issue, as we are past Town Meeting, the Memorial Day parade (which was a huge success; what a beautiful day for it!) and I will fill you in on upcoming elections, changes to the transfer station hours and the like in the next edition once we enter fall.

In the meantime, I will keep my message brief and give you some reminders and helpful information below:

There is an opening within the Town of Tunbridge. We are looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated transfer station attendant to help the townsfolk out on Wednesday’s from 2:45pm-6:15pm in the winter and 3:45pm to 7:15pm in the summer and 8:45am-3:15pm on Saturday’s. If you feel this is
a great fit for you, or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to
reach out!

Dog Licenses were due April 1st, 2023. If you have not had a chance to get your licenses, you are not too late! The cost for a spayed/neutered dog is $11.00 and for an un-neutered/spayed dog is $17.00. Please make sure you include your most recent rabies certificate and cash or check made out to Town of Tunbridge. You can mail to PO Box 6, drop in the drop box, or come in during office hours to process your license.

If you would like to request a slot on the Selectboard meeting agenda, please email [email protected] or call the number above. If you would like to reserve the Town Hall for an event, please call Judy Howe at 889-3487. She maintains the reservation book, reservation contracts, and can answer any other questions that you may have. If you would like to get in touch with the treasurer Rebecca Hoyt regarding taxes due, tax status, or delinquent taxes, please give her a call at 889-3571 or email her at [email protected].

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or to set up a time to meet outside of my office hours. Enjoy the summer, I will write to you again in the fall when we are getting cozy and thinking of the fair!

Tunbridge Historical Society
Fern Strong – 860-986-0507

The Tunbridge Historical Society has a full year of programs taking place in 2023. The Memorial Day Program and Parade were a great success. We learned a lot about the women of Tunbridge who served in the military.

Planned schedule for upcoming programs in 2023 includes:

  • Flea Market – July 8 on the Parish House lawn
  • Tunbridge Speaks – July 11 at 7:30pm- “Growing Up in Tunbridge – the Women of Tunbridge”
  • Tunbridge Coronet Band program at the North Tunbridge Baptist Church – August 13 at 1pm
  • Ghost Walk – Oct. 8 at 1pm at Mt Pleasant Cemetery on Swayze Road

Please contact Elaine Howe if you have anything to contribute to these subjects and would like to help at any events.

Please look to our Facebook Page and local listserv for dates and times.

We invite all town residents to join THS. We look forward to input and participation by all. Please share information, questions, and photographs with us on our Facebook page and feel free to contact any of the officers.

Fern Strong, [email protected],
Elaine Howe, [email protected]
Israel (Izzy) Provoncha, [email protected]
Lydia Flanagan Archivist, [email protected]

Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair
Lori Berger 889-3242

On Memorial Day the Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair kicked off our biggest fundraising effort of the year: the annual duck race! Ducks are available for purchase from any member of our board (Lori Berger, Jill Boone, Heather Mullen, Jim Sherlock), Nancy Howe, or by calling Deb Mullen at (802) 889-9426. Buy one for $5 or get 5 for $20. Prizes include CASH as well as Fair items and goods and services from local businesses. The race will take place on the fairgrounds July 30th (as will our annual meeting). You need not be present to win but it’s good fun to be there on a nice summer day!

The Friends are here to support educational programs for the Fair, as well as to help fund improvements to buildings, grounds and accessibility. Your memberships and donations are tax-deductible and help keep thisVermont institution strong. If you are interested in donating goods or services for the duck race, please contact Deb Mullen at 889-9406 for more information.

Tunbridge Board of Listers
Dan ‘rudi’ Ruddell, Darlene Miller, Deb Mullen 889-3571
([email protected]) Office hours: Tuesday and Friday 9am-3pm

Tunbridge elects three Listers, with one position up for election each year at Town Meeting. Darlene Miller was re-elected for a three-year term as Lister at Town Meeting 2022, and Deb Mullen was appointed in 2023. Rudi joined the Board in 2012, and all three of us are actively learning as the state of Vermont transitions to a new system (VTPIE, for VT Property Information Exchange) that will better integrate the property transfers, homestead declarations and property tax adjustment credits, current use enrollments, and parcel mapping that comprise portions of our job complementing the maintenance of current assessment information. Vermont goes out of its way to maintain a fair and equitable system of assessment and taxation, and those efforts make for a complex structure with many tasks to be administered over the course of the year.

Our goal in the Lister office is to set a fair market value for each property in town and ensure that the costs of living and working here are borne as equitably as possible, across the town and across the state. This task has seen additional challenges in a COVID-impacted world, with environmental, structural, and social changes contributing to significant increases in real estate sales. Sixty-five percent of Vermont towns are statutorily mandated to conduct town-wide reappraisals this year, largely driven by fair market sales well above town-assessed values. Tunbridge is not one of these towns, but our CLA (Common Level of Appraisal) has dropped to 91.38% (due to sales over the last 3 years frequently being above our assessed values).

The statewide Education Tax base rate will actually decrease slightly this year, but after that number is divided by a CLA of less than 100%, our effective Education tax rates will increase slightly. (This applies to most towns with a CLA of less than 100%.) The 2022 Sales Equalization Study (a statewide statistical effort to ensure equitability between towns as well as within towns) indicates Tunbridge now has:
Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) of 91.38%
Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) of 16.98%
The CLA helps equalize sales values across towns for purposes of leveling education taxes (

We are mandated to do a town-wide reappraisal if our CLA drops below 85% or exceeds 115%, or our COD (Coefficient of Dispersion, a measure of equity within the town) exceeds 20%. None of these thresholds applies in Tunbridge this year, but our last town-wide reassessment was in 2010.

April 1 is the “assess as is” date in our annual cycle. We are now past that date, and new updates go on the 2024 Grand List. We will be focusing quarterly rotational reviews in the southeast quadrant of town this year. These rotational visits primarily update outdoor pictures and make phone calls rather than visiting interiors, and we greatly appreciate notice if there are significant changes to your property (whether in the SE quadrant or elsewhere). If there are significant changes to a property in any part of town, we may follow up with a phone call or request an interior visit.

By the time you receive this edition of the Tunbridge Quarterly, we will have lodged the Abstract of the Grand List (June 4, 2023), mailed out notices to anyone who had a Change of Appraisal, and held grievance hearings for the year (June 19-20, 2023). This cycle is relatively consistent each year. Any landowner may grieve the assessment of their property in any given year, but only during this window. Tax bills will be mailed in early-mid August, and taxes are due once a year in Tunbridge (November 1). During July and August we will finalize this year’s updates to our digital parcel maps and submit them to the state administrators who maintain the Vermont Parcel Viewer (

Tunbridge Grange # 384
Rosemary Distel 802-272-2235

This year, the Tunbridge Grange took over the oversight of the Tunbridge Memorial Day Parade and despite many “newbie” helpers, the parade appeared to have been a success. We also had fun decorating our own float “Honor and Remember” designed by grange member Chancity Young. Many thanks to Tunbridge Grange member Tracy Amell who had, and will continue to be, the primary lead organizer of the parade (not an easy task!) Tracy has already started to receive requests to participate in next year’s parade!

There will be a tag sale at the Grange Hall on Saturday, July 8 from 9-3:00 with both Grange supported items for sale, as well as other people selling new, used, and homemade items.

The Grange will also be hosting bingo at the Royalton Old Home Days in August, so be sure to join us for some summertime fun!

The Grange continues to accept financial assistance and general support as we still have many improvements to make to the Grange Hall. We are currently seeking donations of gently used &/or new pieces of clapboarding to finish the backside of the building.

Please consider joining the Tunbridge Grange as we do many things to support our local community. Meetings are the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm at the Grange Hall across the road from the North Tunbridge Store.

Tunbridge Library
Mariah Lawrence, Librarian – 889-9404 [email protected]
Hours: T 10-5; W 3-7; Th 10-5; F 3-7; Sat 9-12
Assistant Librarians – Marsha Higgins & Maureen Moriarty

Since the last TQ update a lot has happened at our sweet little library. What has happened in the recent month goes beyond the molding of new artists in our painting classes, or the useful life skills taught during cooking class at the town hall, or the imagination unearthed in No Thank You Evil or even the discoveries found in outdoor skills class. It has been in addition to the connections found through volunteerism, the unlikely friendships formed in book clubs and writing groups or the lifelong readers and library lovers created during after school programming and Bumblebee Garden playgroup. What has happened in this space is a testament of the importance of the library in our small community and the kindness we contain.

As most of you know I was in a serious car accident on May 25th. During this difficult time, I never for a second worried about how the library would operate without me. Without having to say a word or explain a thing, members of our community picked up the pieces and kept things going so smoothly. I have always been grateful for the kindness of this small town but now I can say that I am thoroughly convinced Gary’s sticker is not accurate at all. Tunbridge is perfect. Life is so messy and the perfection comes in the little unnoticeable moments that add up to a life worth living. With every phone call made to me, and every card delivered (SO MANY!), every update, every visit, every meal made, I was more and more convinced of the power inside this small town. The amount of encouragement and wisdom of the people in this town stacks higher than anywhere else and I am just sure of it. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

As far as moving forward: We have a summer reading program I myself can’t wait to attend with my children! Monica, our new summer programming librarian, is off to a great start with her family events, writers’ group and story hours. Check the website for details and times. Our book club, Shelf Love, will continue through the summer with bi-monthly meetings. Bumblebee Garden Playgroup will meet up every Thursday from 10-11:30. In fact I am listening to their sweet voices sing the “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” through the open window in my office as I type. What could be better than that?

As always please connect us with ideas for programs or any concerns or questions. I am looking forward to getting back into the library regularly and seeing you all!

Tunbridge Planning Commission
Amy Frost 802-889-3739
Brenda Field, Izzy Provoncha, Rudi Rudell,Janet Wells, Shane Young

The two scoping study grants that the Planning Commission was able to secure for the town are slowly moving forward.

  • The BRIC grant (Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities), which will provide recommendations on flood and hazard mitigation and climate resistance planning, has moved to the next round of approval.
  • The Sidewalk Scoping Grant Matching Fund, which will focus on bike and pedestrian safety through town, has formed a project committee and is now looking to contract with a design engineering firm.

Our town plan will not need updating until 2027. However, we will need to have our Flood Hazard Bylaws updated by 2026. Updated flood maps should be available for us to review by early 2024, so the Planning Commission will be involved in supporting that effort.

As new people move into town, current residents look to build, and housing continues to be an issue, more pressure is put on the town to allow floodplain development. We have a floodplain ordinance and a permitting process in place for this very reason. Tunbridge is not a ¨no zoning” town – our floodplain ordinance is our zoning. As a town, it is our responsibility to plan for an uncertain climate future and engage in active hazard mitigation thinking.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to Laura Ginsberg who has stepped off the PC after several years of dedicated service. Laura skillfully led the PC through countless hours of town planning and trails discussions, and cataloged the many documents and discussions in a clear and accessible way on the townś webpage. Lauraś consistently level-headed and unfailingly good-natured presence will be missed.

We meet in person (and try to have the zoom option available) the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the town offices.

Tunbridge Town Website
Geoff Hansen, 802-889-3373, or [email protected]

Tunbridge’s town website is a timely resource for information from the Town Clerk, board meetings (including videos of meetings via Zoom), an Events Calendar listing upcoming meetings and community events, and past issues of the Tunbridge Quarterly. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed or have any questions.

Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Jamie Bradford 889-3478

The Fire Departments Annual Meeting was held on April 13, 2023 at the Tunbridge Town Hall. At this event a potluck dinner began at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting that began at 7:00 p.m. Any and all community members were welcome and invited to attend and we thank those who were able to attend. At the meeting Simon Bradford was reelected as our Fire Chief. Jamie Bradford was reelected as the Clerk and Amy Young was reelected as Auditor. John Fragnella, Dominick Amadeo, and Robert Dunkle were all re-elected to the board of trustees. The trustees serve as members for a two year period. Robert Dunkle was elected to serve as the trustee president.

The Fire Department s Annual Chicken BBQ following the Memorial Day parade this year was a very successful turn out. The department cooked over 550 halves of chicken and all were sold. This event and the parade showed a great turn out of our town community.

The Fire Department attended the last day of school events at Tunbridge Central School. They brought one of the fire engines and showered everyone with water. This is a fun and wet event that the department enjoys participating in with our community.

Any Tunbridge residents in need of obtaining a burn permit please contact the Fire Warden Brenda Field at 802-889-5548. Please follow safe burn practices and have a water source nearby. Please check the town website to inquire about burn bans and what is permitted to be burned

The Fire Department is always welcoming new Volunteers. If you are interested in joining or would like to receive information about joining the Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department please stop by a meeting any Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., or email [email protected].

Ed Larkin Contra Dancers
Clyde Jenne – [email protected]

The Ed Larkin Contra Dancers are back at the Tunbridge Town Hall on July 14 and August 11, dances start at 7pm.

All dances taught. Refreshments at intermission. $8 donation at the door. Bring the family. Children under the age of 12 admitted free.

Intelligence Based Policing
Robert S. Childs. [email protected] 802-889-3241

A Facebook page is maintained by two Administrators, The Tunbridge representative may be contacted at the info above or on Facebook Messenger.

The Central Vermont Intelligence based policing group was founded by concerned citizens to keep community members advised of illegal activity in our area. While formed by Chelsea and Tunbridge residents, with the aid of the Vermont State Police, Bethel barracks, it is necessary to incorporate a broader area due to the transient nature of the criminals who operate in our area. Posts are welcome that are factual and can be substantiated by eyewitness, video, and or police reports. News reports are accepted but must be checked for accuracy due to the often times misinformation contained therein. The same applies to all comments. People are arrested for a reason but be respectful as all are innocent until proven guilty. Additionally, posts are welcome that aide law-abiding citizens to better protect their homes, businesses, self and family.

Efforts have been implemented to not only inform locals of illegal activity in the area but help, and forward information to local law enforcement. The Facebook posts have resulted in many identifications of suspects.

Additionally posts are made on a regular basis on tips and tricks to help protect yourself, family and property. Recent crime data was collected from the Vermont State police and the National Incident Based Reporting System. This information was presented to area select persons along with an idea to co-op 2 or more towns in an effort to increase a police presence in our community.

Better Bones
Kay Jorgensen – 889-5528, [email protected]

Better Bones balance and weight-bearing exercise program is offered at the Town Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. It is aimed at increasing bone density at an age when bone mass is lost and osteoporosis is a concern. Anyone can drop in for a session. A doctor’s permission is requested for those who continue with the program.

A low-impact aerobic class designed for people over 50 takes place at the Tunbridge Town Hall on Mondays @ 5 pm. Weights are provided. The class is 50 minutes and the pace is beginner/intermediate. Best of all, it’s free. If you would like to try it, show up any Monday @ 4:45 pm or call/text me at (802) 777-5468.

The Tunbridge Church
Kay Jorgensen, (802) 693-0098, [email protected]

The Tunbridge Church welcomes all to two July community events — a Community Yard Sale and an Ice Cream Social.

The annual Community Yard Sale will be Saturday, July 8, on the Parish House lawn across from the church from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is the same day that the Chelsea Flea Market will bring lots of traffic. Vendor spaces 10 ft x 10 ft for $20 can be reserved from Peg Sherlock at [email protected] or 889-3355. Coffee, baked goods and hotdogs will be sold.

On Tuesday, July 11, an Ice Cream Social will be held at 6:30 p.m. on the Parish House lawn. Bring a chair and and come socialize before the Historical Society’s “Tunbridge Speaks” 7:30 program in the church.

Women Moving Forward hosts potluck fellowship meals on the third Thursday of the month at the Parish House at 12 p.m. Nancy Howe and Margaret Rogers lead these times for support and discussion.

July worship services at 10 a.m. will be held at the South Tunbridge Methodist Church. The 10 a.m. August worship services will be held at the North Tunbridge Baptist Church. Tunbridge residents John McClintock and Islene Runningdeer will each lead a service those months. Sunday services return to the Tunbridge Village Congregational Church in September. The annual Fair Service on Sept. 17, at 9 a.m., will feature special music.

The church’s Outreach Committee delivered winter and spring snack bags to some homebound and older residents before resuming Super Senior Luncheons. Two were held in May and June, with others set for August and October.

The church raised funds during the winter to benefit Turkey and Syria earthquake relief work. Donations for refreshments at the Tunbridge Civic Club Variety Show helped raise the $1,000 that was given. Earlier last year $2,800 was sent to Visiting Nurse and Hospice for VT and NH.

The current special mission offering is for the Chelsea Area Senior Center. It serves residents of Tunbridge, Chelsea and Vershire with on-site meals in Chelsea and Meals on Wheels delivery. Donations may be made in church, by mail or online (see addresses below).

The Community Food Shelf is open Fridays from 4-6 p.m. in the Parish House. See the separate TQ writeup about Food Shelf for more info.

Weekly church services can be accessed at Services are streamed and recorded via Zoom. Dial (646) 876-9923 to join by phone on Sunday morning – meeting ID: 858 4950 1899, passcode: 526048. Previous services can be found at the “Index to Services” link.

To get on the email list for midweek news, write [email protected] or call 802-693-0098. Announcements are also posted on Facebook.

Tunbridge Town Hall
Janet Zug 802-738-9602 Marty Young 802-356-0799

There is an effort underway to clean, upgrade and redecorate the green room at the Tunbridge Town Hall. “Green Room” is the designated name for the room before the stage where performers can prepare for their gig and have a respite in-between sets. The green room at the TTH has been mostly a storage area and not particularly welcoming or pleasing. The vision includes a deep clean and the installation of comfortable seating, suitable table space, a couple of mirrors and decorations.

We are seeking a few specific items: A live edge slab to use as a counter that is 8’ long and approx 12” wide, two small end tables that are no wider than 12”, a full length framed mirror and 4 counter height stools. Please contact Janet or Marty if you have any of these items that may be suitable.

Monetary donations to purchase these and other goods needed can mailed to the Town of Tunbridge PO Box 6 Tunbridge, VT 05077, be sure to make a notation that it’s for the Green Room.

We’re also asking the community for memorabilia donations for decorating the room. We’re looking for items that have a connection to performers that have been on stage at the town hall, like posters, photos, newspaper articles, instruments, clothing, shoes… get creative, show us what you have!

Call, text or email [email protected] or [email protected]

Tunbridge Walking Group
Lydia Flanagan – [email protected]

The Tunbridge Walking Group has been going strong since 2011, consisting of individuals varying in both age and ability. The commonality among the walkers is a desire to walk on a regular basis, benefiting from fresh air, exercise and friendship.

The group meets at 9:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for a predetermined walk route. An average walk is 3-4 miles in length and takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Any one interested in walking, either on a regular basis or occasionally is welcome. Weekly emails are sent out designating the location to meet for the week’s walk. Contact Lydia at above email to receive weekly notifications.

Tunbridge Conservation Commission
Betsy Gaiser – Interim Chair, Cheryl Metcalf – Secretary, Jory Innes – Treasurer, Eliza Minnucci, Evan Reiss, Maureen McCullough, Michael Sacca, Scott Beavers

Due to all your efforts on Green-Up Day, we took around 80 bags of trash off the roadsides. We notice that many folks are doing regular litter patrols on their roads, and it shows. Several roads were much clearer this May than the last. Not only can you get your steps in, but you can reduce mosquito habitat (all that standing water in beverage cans!) and you can keep Tunbridge green.

In late June the Conservation Commission hosted a wildflower walk at a member’s property. Do you have a beloved place or space others might enjoy? Interesting bird habitat? Unexplored vernal pool? Special vista? Unusual plant species? Consider reaching out to our Commission to participate in the “Discover Tunbridge” series. Collaborating with landowners on low-impact, one-time events is an avenue we are pursuing to build our shared understanding of Tunbridge’s natural resources.

On July 16th we are sponsoring a walk focused on beavers, their habitat and impact as we visit the dam complex at the end of Quarry Road. In September we’ll again host a river clean up along the First Branch. Please reach out if you know of a particularly littered spot. We have a good team of tire archeologists and antique sewing machine acquisition specialists who are up for the task. You can join us for the fun! We post information about our events on Facebook, Instagram, FrontPorchForum, the Tunbridge listserve, as well as on the library, post office and town office bulletin boards.

The Tunbridge Conservation Commission meets the first Thursday of the month at 6pm at the Tunbridge Public Library. For further information contact our chairs at [email protected] or visit

Vermont Nanobrewery Festival
Anne Linehan – 685-4838

The 7th annual NanoFest takes place at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds on August 19, 2023 from 12- 5pm.

NanoFest celebrates Vermont’s smallest breweries with beer, food trucks, and bands. Tickets available online for $15 at Hosted by Brocklebank Craft Brewing.

Tunbridge Community Food Shelf
Open Fridays 4:00 to 6:00
802-693-0098 (please leave a message)

The Tunbridge Food Shelf is pleased to announce that we have purchased a CSA from Tunbridge Hill Farm (Jean and Wendy Palthey) again this summer, and have their wonderful fresh vegetables available at the outdoor food pantry each week. This is found in the creche structure across from the town office building and The Tunbridge Church. Additionally there is a small variety of other foods available from our Food Shelf supply.

Community members are encouraged to take what they need and /or to drop off any extra vegetables from their own gardens, as the season progresses. Other foods or household items can be left as well. Let’s share the bounty.

A reminder to the community: the usual Food Shelf is open every Friday afternoon, 4:00 to 6:00 with a much wider variety of foods, including: canned fruits and vegetables, pastas and sauce, convenience foods, flour and other baking supplies, as well as personal care products. Occasionally we have fresh eggs from several generous donors. The Food Shelf and pantry are open to anyone who needs them.

We have had a successful season through the winter and spring, providing Senior Snack bags to our “seasoned” community members and have also run a back pack program for the elementary age students during the school year. During the summer the committee and the Tunbridge Church Outreach committee are running three Super Senior meals. For more information contact the above number or check the list for dates and times, found in the creche structure.

The Food Shelf Committee doesn’t want any of our community to suffer from food insecurity. If you know anyone in this situation, we urge you to please stop in and pick up supplies for them.

Food donations for the pantry or the indoor shelf are always welcome and can be left at the Parish House. Monetary donations should be mailed to Mary Fisk, treasurer at PO Box 12 Tunbridge.

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors
For TNHN services call 889-3437

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors coordinates and provides basic services at no charge to town residents through the efforts of volunteers. We are a non-profit organization whose operating costs (primarily phone service) are supported by the generosity of Tunbridgians who allocate funds at Town Meeting, and by donations, which may be sent to TNHN, P.O. Box 22, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

A few of the services offered by TNHN are:
• Rides (see below)
• Pick up of prescriptions or other goods from stores
• Cooking meals for people who are unable to cook for a short time
• Minor repairs or painting, minor home improvements, changing a lock*
• Changing a flat tire or jump-starting a car
• Simple repairs to household appliances*
• Help lifting or moving large objects
• Delivery of library books or Food Shelf items
• Help with gardening, lawn care or stacking firewood
• Shoveling snow off walkways and steps
• Other reasonable requests
*Please note: the cost of any materials needed falls on the person requesting help.

Rides could include transportation to and from nearby medical appointments, church and other local events, car repair/service appointments and shopping trips. If the trip is a long one, please be aware that some drivers may need riders to contribute to the cost of gas due to high fuel prices.

Anyone needing help with something should call 802-889-3437. We do our best to find a volunteer who is available for that specific request at that specific time and date. However, on occasion that is not possible, especially if advance notice is not given.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers. To join our list, please contact any of the board members listed below or call 802-889-3437. We respect and value your willingness to help your neighbors.

Current Board Members: Michael O’Donnell, President – 802-763-8985; Jory Innes, Vice President – 802-299-9249; Pat Howe, Treasurer – 802-889-5512;
Sarah Priestap Porter, Secretary; Linda B. Howe; Holly Bee.

Tunbridge World’s Fair
Ingrid Steinberg 802-889-5555 [email protected]

Our event season is in full swing – please check out our website for a complete listing of events. You can also find a schedule for the 2023 fair on our website along with other updated information like new admission prices – A season pass saves you $15 and you can purchase them in advance at the office with cash or check.

Looking for a Premium Book? Reminder we are no longer printing premium books, but all the information can be found on our website – The 2023 version will be posted soon! If you need assistance with finding information or need us to print you an entry form give the office a call and we would be glad to help you.

The Tunbridge World’s Fair Office is happy to answer any questions about the fair and the use of the fairgrounds for other special events. All events need to be coordinated through the Main Office. We welcome all size events, but regardless of size you will need a contract & proof of insurance to use the fairgrounds.

Friends of First Branch Schools
Eliza Minnucci, [email protected]
Tiffany Bates, Jen Loftus, Bill Smith, Marty Gratz

The Friends of First Branch Schools volunteer and fundraise to celebrate and support the elementary and middle schools serving the children of Tunbridge and Chelsea.

Our first year as a merged group has come to a close with a very successful FundRanger, at which we sold 140 maple sugar cookies and over 175 cups of maple lemonade. Our students independently run the stand and they sure get a lot of love from the cyclists, both in smiles and generous tips!

As the year came to a close our group was able to organize five days of staff appreciation in May, fund last day of school snacks and activities, as well as cater the end of year staff party.

We have a limited number of T-shirts (blue, with a Moxley covered bridge design) available for purchase for $15. We also have 16 oz stainless steel cups with the same design for $10. Look for us at local events!

In continued partnership with Michael Barnaby, our calendar offering this year will be a 23/24 calendar with the school calendar included…so no more surprise half-days! The finishing touches are being put together as this TQ goes to press. We’ll announce opportunities to purchase this school year calendar soon!

Tunbridge Town Nurse
Jodi Hoyt 802-249-8956 [email protected]

Hello Tunbridge residents,

Nurse Jodi here to write her first quarterly report. The last few months have been a whirl wind of getting all the supplies needed and jump starting this journey as a town nurse. I am slowly getting my information out there and I feel the clients I have started helping I have made an big difference in their lives. I know some are still hesitant to what community nursing is, but this role in Tunbridge I am truly here to help. I can help with any age and any resource someone may need. For example a big miss understanding is I only help with medical. I can help you find someone to help you get groceries, I helped a client get a ramp for their home to safely exit their home, I come in and check on someone’s mental wellbeing after a death in the family. I can just do phone visits, and or emails if you just need help with understanding what your doctor said and or getting you a doctor. If you have outstanding bills and you need resources. You are concerned about your septic system because its backing up into your home? I can get you resources that is needed to help. These are just minor examples of how I can help. A lot of the issues and concerns that arise are all different. I take each clients situation do my best to problem solve to be helpful. I work closely with the other town nurses in the Upper Valley we work together as a team to give the best care possible. So if you have a friend, neighbor and or yourself that needs help and live in Tunbridge please reach out. Reports below provided by Red Cap nurse charting system. They take out all identifying information to create safe informative reports for the town.

A client and their family wanted to give feedback to the town.

“The Town of Tunbridge residents are fortunate to have Jodi Hoyt for their town nurse. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. Jodi takes the time to be clearly informed about our medical needs and any concerns we have. Furthermore, she stays in close contact with our primary care physician, so we are able to stay in our home while receiving optimal care.”

Tunbridge Town Forest
Fred Pond – 476-5520 [email protected]

Tunbridge’s Town Forest has seen an upswing in interest and activity recently, building on the COVID-19 get-outdoors events by school educators and other town residents looking to enjoy the scenery & exercise. The two Garage and Drew Parcels make up the town-owned forest, managed by the Tunbridge Town Forest Committee.

Town educators engage students in the wonders of nature in nearby Garage Lot forest. The town trails committee has led the way creating a walkable trail there. Hometown builders and supporters built a timber frame pavilion to support these activities, and more town events.

During the last couple of years, the town parcels have received treatment for sustainability and improvement by a local logger, guided by our Orange County Forester.

You may have seen or participated in the town forest event series involving tree education, town forest history, animal tracking and fire building this past winter. More exciting, a contest for renaming the Garage Lot parcel has been launched, incorporating suggestions received at these events.

The Tunbridge Town Forest Committee meets on Third Wednesdays at 7pm at Tunbridge Town Office to discuss, review, and plan activities that involve the two town forest parcels.

Check announcements on Tunbridge Town Web page

A decision to choose the rename of the Garage Parcel will be reached soon, from among the many names proposed via the contest. We seek your participation. Everyone is welcome to attend and contribute involving this wonderful town resource.

Chelsea Area Senior Center
Susan Pirie, 685-2290, [email protected]

In addition to offering Meals on Wheels and Curbside pick-up, the Chelsea Area Senior Center is open for indoor dining on Mondays at 12:00 pm. Please call to make a reservation to eat indoors, for curbside pick up and also Meals on Wheels.


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