The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly is mailed four times a year to everyone that owns property and/or resides in Tunbridge and contains news and information from town and school officials and local volunteer efforts. The brainchild of Tunbridge resident Janet Zug, its first edition was published in July 2005 and has been curated by Janet ever since.

The deadlines for TQ entries are on the 15th of December, March, June and September. Contact Janet at 802-889-9602 or [email protected]


Published April 1, 2023 – Follow this link to view or download the current issue in PDF format.

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Tunbridge Select Board
John O’Brien, Clerk
889-3474; [email protected]
Gary Mullen, Chair
889-3323, barn or 889-3242, house; [email protected]
Mike McPhetres, Vice Chair
802-272-6108, cell or 802-728-3390, shop; [email protected]
Mariah Cilley, Administrative Assistant
802-889-5521 or [email protected]

This year, our Town Meeting resembled town meetings of the past: it was held on the first Tuesday in March, in-person, inside, and included a delicious-nutritious lunch and pies by the dozen. It may have set a record for the most efficient town meeting in Tunbridge’s history, gaveling in at 10 AM and adjourning just before lunch. “What happened?” you may ask, if you didn’t attend, or even if you did and found yourself back home home at 1 PM. With clarity, thoughtfulness and humor, Moderator Israel “Izzy” Provoncha marched through the articles on the warning, voice votes sounded approval, discussion was limited, mostly informational. All the elected positions were filled in uncontested races. The Board of Civil Authority was never called upon to tally paper ballots. There was no rancor and no rabbit holes sidetracked the assembled body. While other neighboring towns are transitioning to Australian ballots, there was a consensus in the room that Tunbridgians want to stick with in-person town meeting. Not only is town meeting an increasingly rare form of direct democracy, but community-wide events—if science studied such things—are good for a town’s health.

Between the writing of this report (mid-March) and its publication (April Fools Day), two seasons will overspread Tunbridge, Mud and Sugaring. How these two seasons will play out here is anybody’s guess, but when it comes to mud, the Road Crew is hoping for something more mellow than last year’s historic awfulness. The Selectboard is hoping the same thing: impassable roads, during mud season, need to be made passable, and that is an expensive proposition. Last year, it took 60 loads of gravel to make one road—Bicknell Hill—something better than a slurry of pudding, three rods wide and three feet deep. One thing we can all do is support our Road Crew—24/7 they are on the job, they know where the trouble spots are, and with hardpack and patience we’ll all
get to the other side.

As we enter the last quarter of the fiscal year, two ongoing issues are priorities for the board: Legal Trails and the ARPA funds.

Between an ongoing lawsuit and a proposed legislative bill, Tunbridge’s legal trails quandry has become a case study for the rest of Vermont. While the town’s four legal trails remain unmaintained public right-of-ways for pedestrians, finding a balance between property owners’ rights and municipal ROWs (right-of-ways) as well as solving the access issue, are outcomes the selectboard aspires to, and will tackle.

Now that Tunbridge voters, at Town Meeting, approved a flexible fund for our ARPA grant dollars, we can move ahead with choosing which submitted projects should receive funding. Using a metric that prioritizes projects that benefit the most residents for the most generations, the picking won’t be easy because the fund is finite (we started with just under $400,000) and the applications, if fully-funded, far exceed that dollar figure. The good news here is that, by 2026, when these projects need to be finished, Tunbridge will have things—tangible things and improved services—that will make our town a better place to live…at no cost to our (property) taxpayers! Stick around.

Tunbridge Grange # 384
Rosemary Distel 802-272-2235 [email protected]

The Grange will be hosting an “Easter Eggstravaganza” on Saturday, April 8th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Grange Hall in North Tunbridge (495 VT Rte 110). There will be crafts, games, prizes, and snacks. Donations gladly accepted. If possible, please call or text reservations at 802-272-4782. Bring your camera and get a picture with the Easter Bunny!

The Tunbridge Grange will continue to host Friday Night Bingo at 6:30 pm at the Tunbridge Town Hall through the month of April.

Monthly Grange meetings will start back up in April. We meet the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Grange Hall in North Tunbridge. All are welcome to come to our meetings to find out more about the Grange.

Tunbridge Town Clerk
Mariah Cilley, Town Clerk, Bonnie McCrillis, Assistant Town Clerk
[email protected], 889-5521
Hours: Monday- Thursday 8-2

Hi Tunbridge Folks! I hope by the time this edition is in your hands the sun is shining and the snow is melting! It seems that winter decided to wait until the last minute this year and as I am writing this, we are just dug out from our latest March snowstorm.

It was so nice to be able to see all of you in person at our regularly scheduled Town Meeting. It was my first March town meeting and I enjoyed getting to eat lunch and lots of pie with you all. We have a few vacant positions that weren’t elected during our meeting; if you are interested in more information on them or know someone who would be a great fit, please contact us! The current open positions are: First Constable, Second Constable, Lister and Town Grand Juror. Town Meeting minutes are available on our website, and we have extra Town Reports in the office if you need a copy.

One question that was brought up at Town Meeting was: What is the benefit to the Town now that we have an assistant in the office? Now that we have Bonnie in the office, we can be open full time without requiring appointments which is a huge benefit to the townspeople. As always, if you need to meet outside of this time, please let me know and I can make that happen! Bonnie is also filling her time by going through each nook and cranny and making sure all files are up to date, organized, purged according to record retention requirements, and can help folks who stop in with general questions, dog licenses, marriage licenses, birth or death certificates, dump tickets, etc.! Stop in and say hi on a Monday or Wednesday and get to know your assistant town clerk!

Dog Licenses were due April 1st, 2023. If you have not had a chance to get your licenses, you are not too late! The cost for a spayed/neutered dog is $11.00 and for an un-neutered/spayed dog is $17.00. Please make sure you include your most recent rabies certificate and cash or check made out to Town of Tunbridge. You can mail to PO Box 6, drop in the drop box, or come in during office hours to process your license.

If you would like to request a slot on the Selectboard meeting agenda, please email [email protected] or call the number above.

If you would like to reserve the Town Hall for an event, please call Judy Howe at 889-3487. She maintains the reservation book, reservation contracts, and can answer any other questions that you may have.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions or to set up a time to meet outside of my office hours. Stay well, think Spring!

Tunbridge Historical Society
Fern Strong – 860-986-0507

The Tunbridge Historical Society had a full year of programs in 2022. We had a successful Memorial Day program about the Red Cross in Tunbridge. Our annual Ghost Walk took place in Kelsey Mountain Cemetery on October. 22 at 1pm. A large crowd of residents came out to hear interesting stories about Cyrus Tracy, James Kelsey, Laura Styles, Andrew Camp, Elizabeth Grow, Sarah Batchelder, Sarah Gifford, and Jerusha Blodgett. Some of the people who once lived on the west side of Tunbridge.

Planned schedule for 2023 includes:

  • The Memorial Day Parade and a program about the military service of Tunbridge Women.
  • Tunbridge Speaks in July – “Growing Up in Tunbridge – the Women of Tunbridge”
  • Ghost Walk at Mt Pleasant Cemetery in October.

Please contact Elaine Howe if you have anything to contribute to these subjects. Please look to our Facebook Page and local listserv for dates and times.

We want to send a special thank you to Lydia Flanagan for her excellent work organizing our archives. It is a difficult job and we look forward to being able to share this excellent resource with the community in the future. We will be looking for volunteers to help carry on with this task. Please contact any of the officers if you would like to help in any way.

The Tunbridge Historical Society is still looking for a new president. If you are interested, please contact any of the executive board members stating why you believe you would be a good fit and what your objectives would be. Our election of officers will take place in 2023 at the annual meeting sometime in the fall.

We invite all town residents to join THS. We look forward to input and participation by all. Please share information, questions, and photographs with us on our Facebook page and feel free to contact any of the officers.

Fern Strong, [email protected],
Elaine Howe, [email protected]
Israel (Izzy) Provoncha, [email protected]
Lydia Flanagan Archivist, [email protected]

Chelsea Area Senior Center
Susan Pirie, 685-2290, [email protected]

In addition to offering Meals on Wheels and Curbside pick-up, the

Chelsea Area Senior Center is open for indoor dining on Mondays at 12:00 pm. Please call to make a reservation to eat indoors, for curbside pick up and also Meals on Wheels.

Tunbridge Board of Listers

Dan ‘rudi’ Ruddell, Darlene Miller 889-3571 ([email protected])
Office hours: Tuesday and Friday from 9am-3pm.

Helen O’Donnell stepped down as a Lister at the March 2023 Town Meeting. With nearly 30 years of service to the town as both a Lister and Town Clerk, we are deeply grateful to Helen and wish her all the best on the road ahead. As of the writing of this entry for the Tunbridge Quarterly Helen’s position is unfilled, though a couple of potential candidates have expressed interest. The selectboard is charged with filling the position, and the two remaining listers are happy to answer questions about the nature of the work. If getting to know your town a whole lot better, being of service to your community, and understanding lots more about how municipal and state government function and interact are of interest, please contact us.

Our goal in the Lister office is to estimate a fair market value for each property in town and ensure that the costs of living and working here are borne as equitably as possible, across the town and across the state. Given the enormous changes in our world over the last several years, that is a challenging endeavor.

Sales continue to come in well above our current town assessments, as is true elsewhere in Vermont and neighboring states. In 2023, 65% of Vermont towns (Tunbridge is not one of them this year) are mandated by statute to conduct a town-wide reappraisal due to thresholds set for Common Level of Appraisal (CLA). We are mandated to do a town-wide reappraisal if our CLA drops below 85% or exceeds 115%, or our COD (Coefficient of Dispersion) exceeds 20%. Our last town-wide reappraisal was in 2010.

The CLA helps equalize sales values across towns for purposes of leveling education taxes ( The COD is a measure of equity within the town. A COD of less than 10% is considered indicative of a high degree of equity within town. Based on the 2022 GL sales study, Tunbridge now has:

  • Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) of 91.38%
  • Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) of 16.98%

April 1 is the “assess as is” date in our annual cycle, and we are focusing on quarterly rotational reviews in the northeast quadrant of town for 2023. We are primarily updating outdoor pictures and making phone calls instead of visiting interiors, and greatly appreciate notice if there are significant changes to your property (whether in the NE quadrant or elsewhere). If there are changes to a property in any part of town, we may make Changes of Appraisal up until early June but need to estimate the state of completion as of April 1.

HOMESTEAD DECLARATIONS AND HOMESTEAD PROPERTY TAX ADJUSTMENT CLAIMS ARE DUE APRIL 18, 2023, even if you anticipate filing an extension for income taxes (adjustments can be made later and still be considered timely if you file by April 18). Late fees and penalties apply after April 18, and no HS declarations are accepted after October 16, 2023. If you are eligible, the Homestead Property Tax Adjustment is a credit against taxes, filed at the same time as the Homestead Declaration. Further information can be found at:

Tunbridge Conservation Commission
Betsy Gaiser – Interim Chair, Cheryl Metcalf – Secretary, Jory Innes – Treasurer, Eliza Minnucci, Evan Reiss, Maureen McCullough, Michael Sacca, Scott Beavers

As of this writing, our most recent event was up at the Town Forest – Garage Lot where we were visited by bluebirds on a bluebird day and enjoyed a variety of fires, and foods we cooked together over the fires. It was terrific to see some new faces joining the ol’ regulars. The Forest Committee has received a long list of Garage Lot renaming submissions and you’ll hear about an official renaming event in late spring or summer.

As we look ahead we anticipate many more chances to gather and learn about Tunbridge’s natural resources. Beavers, birds and blooms will be upcoming walk topics. Keep an eye on our page of the Tunbridge town website, our facebook page, FrontPorchForum and the town listserve for event announcements.

Finally, please mark your calendars for our annual community spring cleaning. Green Up Day is Saturday, May 6th. Green Up bags will be available ahead of time at the dump and the town library porch. Green Up bags are to be filled with roadside trash, and are accepted at our dump free of charge during the week of Green Up Day. You can let Eliza know of any major roadside dumpsites and we’ll rally a crew to pick one or two to focus on. Reach out to [email protected]

The Tunbridge Conservation Commission meets the first Thursday of the month at 6pm at the Tunbridge Public Library. For further information contact Betsy Gaiser – [email protected]

Conservation Commission

Tunbridge Library
Mariah Lawrence, Librarian – 889-9404 [email protected]
Hours: T 10-5; W 3-7; Th 10-5; F 3-7; Sat 9-12
Assistant Librarians – Marsha Higgins & Maureen Moriarty

Every Wednesday we have been welcoming dozens of kids to the middle school session of our after school program. Because of an amazing grant from The Vermont Humanities, each week we give away books to each kid in the graphic novel club; provide the cooking class with great ingredients and stellar instruction; give a fair wage to our fearless D&D leader and are able to offer a well rounded experience with an outdoor skills instructor. Session two will be five Wednesdays in May when the elementary aged kids will have their turn.

In addition to the Vermont Humanities Grant for this after school program, we also received funding from the Children’s Literacy Foundation. We will receive over 50 new and processed books for our children’s collection, create a parenting resource library for First Branch Elementary School, get a visit from the incredibly popular artist and author Dan Abdo of “Blue, Barry and Pancakes” and each child in attendance will receive two free, brand-new books! Thank you CLiF!

We are in the midst of Strategic Planning. Hopefully you saw our display and had a chance to participate in our survey. Finding out the deeper needs of our community is a great springboard for creating a usable plan for the future. We look forward to sharing it with everyone in town!

The library currently has Jason Mill’s Art Exhibit “Digestive” on display until May 19th. Come see the vibrant paintings of a local artist. We are so grateful for the hard work of our arts coordinator Lauren Badams. She is always looking to recruit help setting up, taking down and baking for the openings. Connect if you would like to volunteer!

We had a great time at our first “Winter Chill” Event featuring what is hot at the checkout counter. This go -around we celebrated The Joe Pickett Series by CJ Box. Looking forward we have had a string of people reading Barbara Kingsolver, Craig Johnson and Elizabeth Strout. We look forward to celebrating the popular reads in our area!

Our adult book club, Shelf Love, is moving onto their tenth book club meeting! The date for the meeting will be May 19th. Check our website for the title choice! Thank you to Kathi Terami for heading up this great opportunity to discuss literature and be together.

Check our website in the coming weeks for information on summer reading. We are currently hiring a summer reading assistant. If working with youth in our community and helping them identify as readers and lovers of stories interests you, connect with us!

Tunbridge Town Treasurer
Rebecca Hoyt – 889-3571 [email protected]

Happy Almost Spring! Things are moving along in the treasurer’s office. I have asked for some extra hours for my assistant Jola, which has been granted by the Select board. This means I have more time to get things done, like an update from me in the TQ!

Some exciting things that are happening in my office are, we are getting a new credit card company. I am very excited to make this change. I think we were all annoyed with the last company, they just didn’t fit a municipality’s needs. The new company is MuniciPay and they work mostly with governmental entities, so they understand the needs of our town. This will still just be an online service used mostly for paying taxes. I believe this company will have more useful features for us. They have an online check feature that I think will be very convenient for taxpayers that don’t want to use a credit card but also don’t want to send their check in the mail. When it is up and running there will be more information on the website.

We finished our town audit with Sullivan and Powers. They didn’t find any problems with the numbers. They would like me to update and create some new policies going forward. I should have them all written and approved by the select board by the end of June. If anyone would like to see their report, it is in my office, or I can email you a copy.

Lastly, as always, I want to remind everyone to file their homesteads by April 15th. Even in you have just moved to Vermont you should file your homestead. The information about filing Homesteads can be found at . Homesteads are due by April 15th even if you file an extension on paying your state income taxes. You must file a Homestead with the state and then amend the information when you do file your income taxes. If you file after April 15th there is a penalty that you will see on your tax bill. It is very important to be on time to avoid this. If you have any questions please let me know. Email is always the best way; my email address is [email protected] or you can call me at 802-889-3571 M-F 9am-12pm. Happy Spring!

Tunbridge Town Website
Geoff Hansen, 802-889-3373, or [email protected]

Tunbridge’s town website is a timely resource for information from the Town Clerk, board meetings (including videos of meetings via Zoom), an Events Calendar listing upcoming meetings and community events, and past issues of the Tunbridge Quarterly. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed or have any questions.

Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Jamie Bradford 889-3478 [email protected]

The Fire Departments Annual Meeting will be held on April 13, 2023 at 6:00 p.m. At this event a potluck dinner typically begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting at 7:00 p.m. Any and all community members are welcome to attend. This event will be warned in the Herald as the event date approaches.

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by the fire department each year will take place this year, please check the Fire Departments Facebook page for details. (Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department).

The Fire Department has purchased a new UTV to assist with wildland fires, off road/woods emergencies, and medical calls during mud season and weather related issues that may prevent other vehicles from reaching an emergency scene. The purchase of this UTV was made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Tunbridge Fire Department and the generosity given by others during the Fair Coin Drop over the past few years.

The Fire Department is currently working towards obtaining a grant to purchase a new Pumper/Rescue Truck for the department. This grant is the Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant through FEMA. Our current Tanker Truck was purchased using the same grant many years ago.

The Fire Department is always welcoming new Volunteers. If you are interested in joining or would like to receive information about joining the Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department please stop by a meeting any Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., or email [email protected]

Tunbridge Fuel Assistance
Ben Wolfe (802-693-0164) [email protected]

The Fuel Assistance Loan Fund. This Fund was formed to make no-interest loans available to Tunbridge residents to pay for heating fuel of any kind. In short, our focus has been to manage a loan program designed to spread the high costs of winter fuel over a longer period. Contact us for more information.

Ed Larkin Contra Dancers
Clyde Jenne – [email protected]

The Ed Larkin Contra Dancers are back at the Tunbridge Town Hall! Dances start at 7:00pm

April 14
May 13

All dances taught, all ages welcome. February 10 Dance canceled if snow is predicted. Donation requested at the door.

First Branch Ambulance
Judy Tucker – 889-3305 [email protected]

We continue to look for committented volunteer EMTs to help support our ever growing House Call Program. Currently we are servicing over 3o individuals per week in Chelsea, Tunbridge and Washington. Presently,we are keeping the ambulance on Rte 110 for faster call responses and less wear and tear on our vehicles.

We have started making home visits on back roads by car and an extra EMT. If anyone needs assistance for blood pressure checks, review of medications or discharge instruction, please call Chase Ackerman at 685-3112 to set up an appointment. This is a free visit that does not require co-pay or insurance coverage. We are working closely with the Tunbridge Town Nurse Jody Hoyt RN for those people of Tunbridge.

FBA has switched our billing service to Medical Billing Service’s LLC out of Essex, VT. Please call 802-871-5390 for any past or present billing questions.

Your town representatives to FBA are Barbara LaFrancis 889-3378 and Judy Tucker 889-3305. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

Intelligence Based Policing
VSP barracks 802-234-9933 recorded
Email [email protected]

The group has not met in person since the beginning of the pandemic, but the overall message remains the same….

“If You See Something, Say Something”! Let the VSP or local authorities know your concerns and give them your information.

The IBP network (meetings and Facebook page at “Central Vermont Intelligence Based Policing)” was established as a means of communicating, to help notify our communities about suspicious activity. It was also to encourage trust with the Vermont State Police and other local authorities. Please use judgment when posting messages on the IBP Facebook page. Many of the recent posts don’t represent in any way, the overall mission of the IBP group. We continue to strongly encourage you to use the number or email address above to notify VSP or to call the local sheriff/police departments directly with your concerns.

The Tunbridge Church
Kay Jorgensen, (802) 693-0098, [email protected]

All are invited to celebrate Easter on April 9 with The Tunbridge Church. The 6 a.m. Sunrise Service will feature hymns and readings. It will be held in the field at the top of Strafford Road at Orchard Road. At 10 a.m. the Rev. D Gene Kraus will lead an Easter service in the church in Tunbridge Village.

The Outreach Committee hosted four senior meals last year for the first time since Covid. Since January they have delivered some 50 monthly snack bags to some of the town’s older residents and those not getting out. Two bags had snacks and one included turkey rice soup, roll and cupcake. The committee expects to resume sit-down meals at the Town Hall in April.

The church contributed $2,000 for humanitarian assistance in Myrhorod, Ukraine. It also supported Project Dove, initiated by Bethany Church in Randolph, to collect and ship Christmas gifts for refugee children in Myrhorod. The Tunbridge Church collected toys and gifts in town and was given a $1,000 donation to help pay freight costs. Thanks to townspeople who gave items for the children.

Donations are welcomed through Easter for the United Church of Christ’s International Emergency Turkey and Syria Earthquake Response fund. Donations made out to The Tunbridge Church may be left in church, made online by PayPal and credit card at or mailed to PO Box 290, Tunbridge 05077 – please designate earthquake relief.

A Little Free Library has opened next to the handicapped parking sign at the church garden. Susan Knapp initiated the project, the library’s construction and filled it with books. The Little Free Library joins the Community Food Shelf creche, Community Garden, and playground as outdoor spaces that the church shares with the community. The Parish House is home of the food shelf (open Fridays from 4-6 p.m.) and provides meeting space for weekly Al-Anon and AA meetings, storage space for two groups, and houses the Neighbors Helping Neighbors telephone.

Nancy Rogers leads a monthly support and discussion group, Women Moving Forward, which holds a Parish House potluck noon meal on the third Thursday of the month. Books that offer comfort and support are at the Parish House for anyone to borrow or keep.

The Parish Council has new officers: Nancy Rogers, president; Judy Tucker, vice president; Amy Frost, secretary; Kay Jorgensen, treasurer. Other council members are Nancy Chapman, Rob Howe and Jerilyn Zaroogian.

Weekly church services can be accessed at Services are streamed and recorded via Zoom. Dial (646) 876-9923 to join by phone on Sunday morning – meeting ID: 858 4950 1899, passcode: 526048. Previous services can be found at the “Index to Services” link at

To join the church email list, write [email protected] or call 802-693-0098. News is emailed midweek and announcements are posted on Facebook.

The church welcomes donations in support of its programs at PO Box 290, Tunbridge VT 05077 or by credit card at Food Shelf donations may be sent to Mary Fisk, PO Box 12, Tunbridge VT 05077.

Better Bones
Kay Jorgensen – 889-5528, [email protected]

Better Bones balance and weight-bearing exercise program is offered at the Town Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. It is aimed at increasing bone density at an age when bone mass is lost and osteoporosis is a concern. Anyone can drop in for a session. A doctor’s permission is requested for those who continue with the program.

A low-impact aerobic class designed for people over 50 takes place at the Tunbridge Town Hall on Mondays @ 5 pm. Weights are provided. The class is 50 minutes and the pace is beginner/intermediate. Best of all, it’s free. If you would like to try it, show up any Monday @ 4:45 pm or call/text me at (802) 777-5468.

Tunbridge Walking Group
Lydia Flanagan – [email protected]

The Tunbridge Walking Group has been going strong since 2011, consisting of individuals varying in both age and ability. The commonality among the walkers is a desire to walk on a regular basis, benefiting from fresh air, exercise and friendship.

The group meets at 9:30 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for a predetermined walk route. An average walk is 3-4 miles in length and takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete.

Any one interested in walking, either on a regular basis or occasionally is welcome. Weekly emails are sent out designating the location to meet for the week’s walk. Contact Lydia at above email to receive weekly notifications.

Chelsea Health Center Memorial Tree Park
Larry Mengedoht – 889-3307

The Chelsea Health Center is building a Memorial Tree Park. It will be a living, environmental sanctuary dedicated to the love and memories of family and community members whose lives have been a part of us and are now gone. The Park will be situated on four acres adjacent to the Chelsea Health Center along the First Branch tributary to the White River.

The Park is planned to foster an atmosphere of natural beauty and serenity, and is designed to allow visitors to walk leisurely throughout its pathways, and sit amongst the diverse species of native VT trees planted in memory of loved ones. The Park aims to provide a peaceful, natural setting where people can come to meditate, reflect on loved ones, and experience spiritual healing.

The Chelsea Health Center Memorial Tree Park will be open to the general public. The Park’s basic infrastructure of handicap accessible pathways and parking lot is scheduled to be completed in 2023, and is being funded by the Chelsea Health Center.

A tree planted in someone’s memory is a living tribute that benefits present and future generations. Planting trees on someone’s behalf is a great way to honor someone; and since trees provide so many natural benefits, it is a gift that keeps on growing. Living trees help to remove harmful carbon dioxide, and provide oxygen to help support a healthy environment.

Trees selected for planting in the Memorial Tree Park will be native to Vermont and include the following species: sugar maple, red maple, white oak, red oak, swamp oak, white birch, yellow birch, beech, hornbean.

Trees will be typically planted during the fall, and in groupings throughout the park according to species and environmental conditions. Each grouping would have appropriate signage designating donors and/or those who are being memorialized.

Community members, either as an individual or family, can make a designated donation for a tree to planted in one’s memory. It is expected that annual costs related to tree care and maintenance will be supported by community members who wish to make a contribution to the Park’s operating fund.

Community members may choose to make a donation to the Park’s general operating fund in any amount at any time; whether it is in one’s memory, or part of one’s annual charitable giving. Donations to the Park’s general fund can also be made by gifts of stocks, wills and living trusts, and/or stipulating the Chelsea Health Center Memorial Tree Park as a beneficiary on a retirement, investment account, or life insurance policy.

Donations should be made payable to: “Chelsea Health Center Memorial Tree Park” and mailed to:
Chelsea Health Center, Att: Treasurer, P.O. Box 92, Chelsea, VT 05038

For further information, please feel free to contact any of the following CHC Trustee members: Larry Mengedoht (Tunbridge)[email protected], Judy Tucker (Tunbridge) [email protected], Judy Libby (Chelsea) [email protected], Betty Rogers (Chelsea) 685-4459, David Savidge (Washington) [email protected]

Tunbridge Community Food Shelf
Open Fridays 4:00 to 6:00
802-693-0098 (please leave a message)

At the Tunbridge Food Shelf it is business as usual. By mid March, it seems as if winter will never end. We are concerned about the increased cost of fuel and food on our community members, as winter drags on. The food shelf committee wants to assure you that we are here to help with your food needs. We have an ample supply of cereal, tuna, peanut butter and jellies, canned fruits and vegetables, multiple pastas and sauce, soups and convenience foods, white flour and a few other baking supplies, meat and a variety of other items to supplement your diet. We also have a few fresh vegetables from Veggie Van Go, and occasionally eggs from our generous donors. Please stop by the food shelf at the parish house building across from the town offices and The Tunbridge Church on Friday afternoon 4:00 to 6:00 and check out what’s available. The food shelf is open to anyone who needs it.

We are still running a back pack project with the elementary school. Anyone who is interested in receiving this program, should contact the school nurse at 802 889-3310 for more information and a confidential application form. Our other project this winter is a monthly Senior Snack Bag delivery for some of our older community members. Last month, with the help of the Tunbridge Church Outreach committee, we made and delivered turkey and rice soup.

We want to especially thank the Tunbridge Library for the additional food items they collected on our behalf, at the C. J. Box trivia contest and Chili Cook-off, March 11th. There were at least eight entries, which were sampled, declared delicious and enjoyed by those in attendance. Food donations are always welcome, and can be left at the Parish House. Monetary donations should be mailed to Mary Fisk, treasurer at PO Box 12, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

Think spring. We are looking forward to purchasing a CSA again this year to supplement our food supply and to setting up our outdoor food pantry.

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors
For TNHN services call 889-3437

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors coordinates and provides basic services at no charge to town residents through the efforts of volunteers. We are a non-profit organization whose operating costs (primarily phone service) are supported by the generosity of Tunbridgians who allocate funds at Town Meeting, and by donations, which may be sent to TNHN, P.O. Box 22, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

A few of the services offered by TNHN are:
• Rides (see below)
• Pick up of prescriptions or other goods from stores
• Cooking meals for people who are unable to cook for a short time
• Minor repairs or painting, minor home improvements, changing a lock*
• Changing a flat tire or jump-starting a car
• Simple repairs to household appliances*
• Help lifting or moving large objects
• Delivery of library books or Food Shelf items
• Help with gardening, lawn care or stacking firewood
• Shoveling snow off walkways and steps
• Other reasonable requests
*Please note: the cost of any materials needed falls on the person requesting help.

Rides could include transportation to and from nearby medical appointments, church and other local events, car repair/service appointments and shopping trips. If the trip is a long one, please be aware that some drivers may need riders to contribute to the cost of gas due to high fuel prices.

Anyone needing help with something should call 802-889-3437. We do our best to find a volunteer who is available for that specific request at that specific time and date. However, on occasion that is not possible, especially if advance notice is not given.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers. To join our list, please contact any of the board members listed below or call 802-889-3437. We respect and value your willingness to help your neighbors.

Current Board Members: Michael O’Donnell, President – 802-763-8985; Jory Innes, Vice President – 802-299-9249; Pat Howe, Treasurer – 802-889-5512;
Sarah Priestap Porter, Secretary; Linda B. Howe; Holly Bee.

Tunbridge World’s Fair
Ingrid Steinberg 802-889-5555 [email protected]

The Tunbridge World’s Fair grounds are quiet during these last few weeks of winter, but spring is coming and that means activity is just around the corner. The first flurry is winter storage removals. If you stored something with us over the winter don’t forget to plan to pick it up on April 29th or May 6th (first in, last out). So, if you dropped off on the second weekend, you’ll pick it up on April 29th.

Contact us if you are interested in storing something for next year. Summer events will be here before you know it and every weekend and more has been booked through mid-October. If you have any questions about using the fairgrounds in the future or questions about the 2023 fair, please call or email the office

Friends of First Branch Schools
Eliza Minnucci, [email protected]
Tiffany Bates, Jen Loftus, Bill Smith, Marty Gratz

The Friends of First Branch Schools volunteer and fundraise to celebrate and support the elementary and middle schools serving the children of Tunbridge and Chelsea.

Over the winter we have been able to show some love to our middle school campus, filling requests from staff – pencils! Hundreds of them! And among other items, several snow tubes, because big kids like to send it at recess just as much as the little ones do.

The skating at the elementary school was phenomenal this winter due to the efforts of our local Recreation Committee rink crew. Big thanks to Seth Johnson, especially, for all his efforts keeping that rink open for so many skating days this season. Due to the generosity of the TCS Class of 2020, and a grant applied by the Supervisory Union, we had a rink full of skaters every day the temperature allowed. If you want to believe in the resilience and persistence of kids, just throw them out on the ice on a pair of sharp skates! More work to come on the building to be erected in Rachel Brown’s memory for gear storage and gathering rinkside.

We just wrapped up a great High Mowing Seed fundraiser, raising over $1,500. In case you were wondering, carrots and cucumbers tied for most popular seeds. We expect some great salads out of you, Tunbridge and Chelsea! Next up, expect to see details of a Friends of First Branch apparel sale, and then come June, our biggest annual fundraiser – our lemonade stand at The Ranger 5K Fun Run and Gravel Bike Race at the fairgrounds on June 10th and 11th. We hope to see many of you there, running, riding, or taking in the music, food and fun.

Staff Appreciation Week will take place May 8th-12th. Our group plans gifts and foods to celebrate the hardworking folks – and we welcome your ideas of local and unique ways to show our appreciation for all they do.

The Friends of First Branch Schools meet monthly on the third Wednesday at 6:30pm. Our April meeting is on the 19th. A link for virtual attendance will be made available. Email [email protected] to get on our mailing list, or for the meeting link. All community members are welcome to join!

The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly
Janet Zug 889-9602 [email protected]

For 18 years now the TQ has been delivered to all Tunbridge postal patrons and landowners, four times a year. Entries are printed as received and only edited for typos.. If you would like to see an article from a department or organization that is not represented in this issue, please contact that person directly. Most contact info can be found on the town website.

The deadline dates for TQ entries are the 15th of December, March, June and September. My apologies for any mistakes I miss or make! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and/or suggestions.

Current and past issues of the TQ are always available online at

The TQ cover artwork was drawn and donated by George Lawrence.

Tunbridge Town Nurse
< Information copied from our town website.>
Jodi Hoyt 802-249-8956 [email protected]

Services include:

  • Basic assessments: vital screening (not diagnosing)
  • Health care coordination, referrals, and case management
  • Patient advocacy
  • Health and wellness education, resources and counseling
  • Discharge planning
  • Facilitating discussions between patients and family members
  • In the future, wellness and education clinics for Tunbridgians.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Tunbridge Town Nurse services do not include direct patient care and treatment. This position does not substitute for individual medical care or “hands-on” nursing care. For example, The Town Nurse does not diagnose or treat illnesses, change dressings, administer IVs, supervise prescription medication use, or handle emergency medical calls. (Always dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency). However, the Town Nurse will help you and your family to receive the services you need, and if the agency can hire the Town Nurse to do these tasks for you that is sometimes a possibility in rare instances. The Tunbridge town nurse is here to help you navigate the current challenging health care system.

Tunbridge Recreation Committee
Kathy Galluzzo – 802-565-0695

Spring is here and breakfast is back on the third Sundays of the month from 8-12. Join us April 16th for our next all-you-can-eat meal. The snow is leaving quickly and our plan is to have a field green up day to get ready for the softball/baseball season to begin.

Stay tuned for a sports calendar so you can come out and grab a burger and a game from T-ball to adults softball and baseball, something for everyone. The schedule will be posted on the town website and at the ball field.

We also plan to reignite our banner system so local businesses – contact us if you would like us to advertise for you while supporting the recreation department.

Thanks for all of your support we look forward to seeing you all.

Committee members include:
Kathy & Matthew Galluzzo, [email protected]
Seth Johnson, [email protected]
Luke Barnaby, [email protected]
Jeremiah Caron, [email protected]

Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair
Lori Berger 889-3242

The Friends of the Fair will be coming out of hibernation soon and we are asking all interested parties to think about projects for the coming season. We encourage anyone who loves the Fair to show the love by becoming a Friend. Share your support, ideas and energy to keep the Fair an Upper Valley institution well into the next century!

We will be at the Tunbridge Memorial Day parade selling ducks for our ever- popular Duck Race fundraiser ( Cash! Prizes! ) and will kick off the 2023 season with our first meeting 2nd Wednesday of May. Hope you’ll join us! Contact Deb Mullen at 802 889-9406 for more information.


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