The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly is mailed four times a year to everyone that owns property and/or resides in Tunbridge and contains news and information from town and school officials and local volunteer efforts. The brainchild of Tunbridge resident Janet Zug, its first edition was published in July 2005 and has been curated by Janet ever since.

The deadlines for TQ entries are on the 15th of December, March, June and September. Contact Janet at 802-889-9602 or


Published October 1, 2020Follow this link to view or download the current issue in PDF format.

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Tunbridge Select Board
John O’Brien, Clerk, 889-3474;
Gary Mullen, Chair, 889-3323;
Mike McPhetres, Vice Chair, 802-272-6108, cell or 802-728-3390, shop;
To Be Announced, Administrative Assistant, (802-889-5521 or

The departure of our Town Clerk and Administrative Assistant, Jillian Conner, has left the Selectboard scrambling to fill two important town positions. In her short tenure, Jillian showed a natural aptitude for her two posts, and we hope, down the road, she continues on with work in municipal government.

The good news: Mariah Cilley, wife of Devin, mother of Davis, has been appointed the new Tunbridge Town Clerk. Not only does Mariah have experience in administration and management, she lives next door to the Road Foreman and in the same “block” as the Town Offices! Mariah will serve until Town Meeting, when she will decide if she wants to continue on with her new job; from what we’ve seen so far, she has what it takes to learn clerking in the time of a pandemic while preparing for the looming general election in November.

As the TQ goes to press, we have not yet hired an Administrative Assistant, but hope to have that position filled in October. The Selectboard could muddle on for a short time without an aide-de-camp, but there’s a lot to the job: setting up Zoom meetings and posting warnings; taking minutes and making sure they get to the Town website and the HERALD; checking in with Rodney on the roads, the equipment, the Crew; checking in with Mike at the Transfer Station, writing and tracking Vermont, FEMA and Two Rivers grants; doing municipal research for the Selectboard…and that’s only about half the job description. Oh, and sometimes you have to tell a joke at the end of a Selectboard meeting. Jillian’s last joke: My friend keeps saying, “Cheer up, it could be worse. You could be stuck underground in a hole full of water.” I know he means well.

This fall, the Selectboard aims to consider town policies and/or ordinances for a bunch of thorny issues: Legal Trails; alcohol use on Town Property; noise. Moving forward on new policies and ordinances requires research and reflection, town-wide input, transparent decision-making, and hopefully, problem-solving. We doubt our actions will be met by universal approval, but in the spirit of compromise, we aspire to bring clarity to complexity, while advocating safety and neighborliness.

Before the end of the year, we will be hammering out a budget for Fiscal Year 2021/2022. With the financial uncertainty brought on by COVID and the dangling school budget, we expect to do a lot of level-funding of line items. On the whole, year after year, Tunbridge’s municipal team puts together a pretty darn frugal budget. But for this coming year, look for a budget that’s even (new word) frugal-er.

Now that the squash leaves have been blackened by frost, and the red maples are living up to their name, winter can’t be far off. In anticipation of that certainty, the Road Crew is busy stockpiling salt, sand, gravel, and snowball-size rocks. They have also been grading around town, ditching on Falls Hill, modernizing a stone culvert on Darrow Drive, and are planning to pave another stretch of the Strafford Road.

And thanks to Mike Barnaby’s illumination, the Transfer Station will remain open on Wednesdays through October.

Tunbridge Town Clerk
Mariah Cilley – 889-5521
Hours: Monday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm Tuesday – Thursday: 7:00am – 10:00am & 1:30pm-3:30pm. (10-1:30 will be by appointment only)

Hello Tunbridge! My name is Mariah Cilley and I am our new town clerk. I look forward to working with you all! My hours will be changing a bit, but I am always available for last-minute dump tickets or setting up a time outside of scheduled hours to check out something in the vault. I live right here in the village, so it’s no problem for me to run down! The hours will be as stated above. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of service to you! See you all soon. Best, Mariah

The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly
Janet Zug 889-9602

The deadline dates for TQ entries are the 15th of December, March, June and September. Entries are printed as received and only edited for typos. My apologies for any mistakes I miss or make! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Current and past issues of the TQ are always available online at

Tunbridge Central School
Michael Livingston, Principal 889-3310

Tunbridge Community,

You learn a lot about someone based on how they handle adversity.

The same can be said for a community. What I’ve learned in my first ten weeks as the principal of the Tunbridge Central School is that the faculty and staff, the parents, the board, and the community that comprise your wonderful town demonstrate amazing character, resilience, and grit. It’s incredibly obvious how much you care about your children and it is a pleasure to work in a community that values their school so much.

All of your efforts to prepare for our most unusual return to school have been greatly appreciated. Whether you’ve made us beautiful handmade masks, or donated considerable time and labor to create our wonderful outdoor classrooms, please know that we couldn’t have done it without you.

The start of the school year has been a remarkable success due largely to the vast amount of time and energy you have collectively spent imagining a brighter future for your children.

Every morning we greet your children as they arrive by bus and car and the joy they bring to the school is palpable. To watch the kindergartner’s disembark and hoist backpacks, which in many cases weigh more than they do, onto their small backs and practically skip into school is as heartwarming a sight as I can imagine.

Children are wearing their masks and not complaining. Children are doing their best to social distance and not complaining. Children are attending classes almost entirely outdoors and I think in most instances really enjoying the experience.

Getting back to school has been a fabulous community-wide effort. Working together as a team we can do much more than simply salvage a school year for our students. We can respond to an extraordinary challenge with an inspiring year they will never forget, a year that will motivate them for a lifetime.

The Tunbridge Church
Kay Jorgensen, 889-9828,

The Tunbridge Church began holding outdoor worship services on Aug. 2. At this writing in mid-September no decision has been made beyond mid-October. Plans will be announced in local print and social media.

The Rev. Dr. Jenny Cook will lead a traditional Easter service on Oct. 2. The Easter celebration was postponed in March because of the Covid-19 virus. All are welcome to this and other worship services on Antique Hill at the fairgrounds. Please enter from the driveway next to the library, go to the track and turn left. Turn left at the schoolhouse for parking up the hill.

Distanced seating is on the paved road and grass between the equipment building and log cabin grounds. Congregants wear masks, stay seated and sing softly. Communion is served in disposable packaging and offerings are dropped into a large jar that is on a table.

With a nod to the Tunbridge World’s Fair and the 52-year tradition of the church hosting a music-filled Festival of Worship, the Sept. 20 service bid farewell to summer and welcomed fall with special music by soloists and instrumentalists.

A church committee is planning to design and paint a “barn/church” quilt to hang on the outside of the Congregational Church in Tunbridge Village. The design will be one that welcomes all.

The Outreach Committee has made and delivered three meals to some 50 seniors. Another will be provided in October. In addition, Thanksgiving bags with treats for senior and homebound residents will be delivered on Nov. 23. In December Outreach Committee and Community Food Shelf volunteers will fill boxes with Christmas dinner and breakfast foods, from meat and vegetables to homemade cookies and pancake mix, and display gift items for families to choose from.

Thank you to everyone who has donated goods and funds to the Community Food Shelf, which is open on Fridays from 4-6 p.m., at the Parish House, at the corner of Potash Road and Route 110. Donations are also appreciated for the Thanksgiving bags and Christmas boxes. To schedule a special Food Shelf visit, call Sue Barnaby at 889-3736. Donation checks may be mailed to Community Food Shelf Treasurer Mary Fisk at PO Box 12, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

To join the church email list please send a note to

Tunbridge Board of Listers
Dan Ruddell, Helen O’Donnell, Jola Brock 889-3571,

For quarterly rotation this year we are focusing on the southwest corner of town and have sent notices that we hope to do brief exterior inspections and update photos of properties in that portion of town. We will be following current COVID-19 guidelines, and no interior inspections will be done at this time.

We are still working on Homestead Declarations and Property Tax Adjustments (credits). The first round of property tax credits came on September 1, 2020. If you think you filed on time and should have received a credit (“STATE PAYMENT” on your tax bill), feel free to give our office a call. If we cannot resolve your issue, Vermont Taxpayer Services phone number is 802-828-2865.

If you have not already received your tax bill, they will be in the mail shortly. As the school budget has not passed, there is no “homestead education rate” set yet and the town will need to issue TWO tax bills for Tunbridge residents only. You will receive one now, and one after the school has passed a budget. If you are due a refund you will not receive it until after you have received the second tax bill. If you are a non-resident, you will receive only one tax bill as that rate has been set by the state. Thanks in advance for patience with us as we navigate this challenging time.

Although it is in your best interest to file your Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Adjustment by April 15 (the actual due date) so you and the town receive credits in a timely fashion, the deadline for late filing has been extended to October 15. Please make sure to use the correct SPAN (School Property Account Number) from your previous year’s tax bill, or feel free to give our office a call to get your SPAN number. Many of the errors that needed to be manually checked this year came from incorrect SPAN numbers.

We have just reviewed our 2020 sales. Our report indicates 55 transfers from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020, a 17% increase from last year. Of that number, 18 were “valid” sales (not family members, divorce, life estates, subdivisions, etc.) – a 6% increase from last year. Eight of the total transfers were sub-divisions.

An annual statewide Sales Study determines our Common Level of Appraisal (CLA), an equalization adjustment designed to bring each town’s grand list to fair market value and thus level the field between towns when calculating education taxes. Our last town-wide reappraisal was in 2010, 6 and our CLA crept up each year until 2016-2017, after which it started to drop again (101.79%, 102.75%, 106.04%, 111.95%, 114.93%, 116.38%, 111.06%, 105.97%). The 2019 CLA is 102.23%. The 2020 CLA will be released in early January 2021 with full results of the statewide Sales Study. Equalization%20Study.pdf

Office hours are Tuesday and Friday from 9-3. Feel free to stop by or give us a call.

Friends of The Tunbridge World’s Fair (FTWF)
Deb Mullen – 889-9406

The Friends of the Fair are still here and hoping everyone is well! Due to COVID-related restrictions on gatherings and various health concerns we have had only 1 meeting this summer. We are looking at this as an opportunity to take some time to think about ways to continue supporting and improving the Fair. Is there something new or different that you would like to see in 2021? Please let us know! We are always looking for ways to make everyone’s “fair experience” better. You can send your ideas to

We look forward to life returning to “normal” so we can get back to our regular meeting schedule; we usually meet from May to December on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and we are always looking for new members! Anyone interested in making a donation or becoming a member of the Friends can join by sending a check to: Friends of the Tunbridge Worlds Fair P.O. Box 159 Tunbridge, VT 05077. Annual membership fees are: Single- $25, Couple- $50, Family- $100. Lifetime memberships are $1000 (can be paid over 3 years). As always, your contributions are tax-deductible and deeply appreciated!

Tunbridge Library
Hours: Mon & Wed 3-8, Thur & Fri 3-6, Sat 9-3
Jean Wolfe, Librarian 889-9404
Fern Strong, ArtSpace Coordinator, 860-986-0507;

The library offers many ways to keep your spirits up and help you stay connected. In addition to our well received curbside order service, you can make an appointment to come inside and browse the shelves, see what is new, and check out books. We offer appointments through the link on our website, or you can call and we will set you up with a time that works for you. You’ll see times available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 3 to 7 pm, as well as Saturday 9 am to noon. Thanks to community input, we will offer appointments from 9 am to noon on Mondays, starting October . In addition to our everchanging collection of items you can check out, we look forward to making transfer station tickets available as well. In the coming weeks, we will start offering transfer station tickets Saturday Mornings from 9am to noon.

Have you had a chance to come down to the fairgrounds to view some of the wonderful StoryWalks® we have set up over the summer? We will continue to feature new books every few weeks so keep coming back to see what’s on display. We hope you enjoyed the September StoryWalk® with poetry, photography, and art from community members. We look forward to more of these types of events in the future, so do not distress if you have a drawer full of poems that you are just itching to show the world. Save them. Keep writing. Difficult times breed creativity and Covid-19 is presenting us with so much opportunity to be creative. There is already a thriving Adult Writing Group that connects online; you can join in by contacting Paul Cooker by emailing him and We are also looking forward to events for younger writers as well.

The summer reading program just wrapped up in early September–what a fun, and interesting program it was! Things looked quite different this year, but our community rallied with over 40 participants in our adult, young adult, and early childhood programs. Every child who signed up received an amazing local prize package from Welch’s, South Royalton Coop, First Branch Coffee, Second Smallest Chicken Farm, and more. We received great feedback from patrons as they worked through their bingo sheets, reading a variety of books. For our grand finale we had our first ever Facebook live raffle. Thanks also to Janet Zug Glass, Classic Gardens, Tunbridge Hill Farm, Dandelion Acres, The English BBQ, and Free Verse Farm for donating prizes for the winners of the drawing.

We are excited to announce our library has been awarded a Rural Library Grant from the Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF). Many thanks to Mariah for her terrific work in building the application to win this grant! the Children’s Literacy Foundation. It will provide $2,000 of new children’s books on our shelves in the coming months, new books for TCS, and special programs with two author/illustrator visits for the children in our community. Stay tuned to hear when these events are scheduled. We can’t wait to share all these new resources with you and your family!

We continue to offer regular online events such as a virtual story hour every Saturday morning at 10 am and an online chapter book read Friday’s at 3 pm. We don’t post links for children’s events, so reach out to us if you are not getting our email updates. Our fiber group meets virtually the first and third Wednesday of the month at 6pm, and you can connect with the link on the events on our website. We don’t know what the coming months will bring, but we look forward to using ingenuity to support the community however the Covid-19 environment changes.

Tunbridge Civic Club
Elaine Howe, President 889-5560
Maxine Young, Secretary 763-8274 –

The Civic Club annual meeting will be held Monday, October 5, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the downstairs town hall. Everyone is welcome so please come and share your ideas about future shows or anything else you are interested in seeing the Civic Club do. This is also when the election of officers and directors occurs. Current officers are President, Elaine Howe; Vice-President, Butch Howe; Secretary, Maxine Young; and Treasurer, Jory Innes. Directors are Martin Young, Jr., and Donna Alden Locke.

We need to social distance and please wear a mask.

Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Jamie Bradford 889-3478

October 04-10, 2020 is Fire Prevention week. Each year during Fire Prevention Week there is a theme, this years theme is Serve up safety in the kitchen!. We will not be able to visit the school community this year to help spread the message of fire safety so we hope that everyone will join in and spread awareness around potential cooking hazards. Please remember that this is also a great time to check your smoke detectors, have your chimneys cleaned and your furnaces serviced.

Tunbridge Grange # 384
Rosemary Distel 802-272-2235

The Tunbridge Grange will be hosting another “drive-through” dinner on October 10 (5:00PM to about 6:30PM) This will be a Ham and Bean dinner in “to-go” containers for $10.

The drive-through dinner we had earlier in the summer seemed to work quite well. We ask (if possible) to reserve an approximate pickup time to avoid a traffic jam. You will be directed to enter the south driveway entrance, drive around the back of the church, stop by the Grange door and your dinner will be brought out to you! Please call Mert Vesper at 889-5595 to reserve an approximate time.

Want to help with dinners like this or other Grange fund-raisers? Please consider joining the Grange so we can continue to keep this worthy organization going. We try to meet the first Wednesday of the month and the meetings usually only last about an hour and then we have good conversation and snacks! You don’t have to commit to every meeting or every fundraiser, but we’ve love to have you. The Grange is located on Rte 110 in the North Tunbridge village.

Tunbridge Women’s Group
Elaine Howe -889-5560

Local women are invited to send their email addresses to Elaine Howe at to receive Tunbridge Women’s Group (TWG) mailings. In addition to sharing community news through occasional emails, the women’s group hosts monthly potluck suppers in local homes. This is an informal group without officers, committees and duties that offers women a chance to meet each other and share conversation and information about their interests.

Better Bones
Kay Jorgensen – 889-5528,

The Better Bones sessions have been canceled until further notice. Notices will be posted on the town Facebook page, Front Porch Forum, Tunbridge List and sent to the Tunbridge Women’s Group email list when sessions resume.

Tunbridge Historical Society
Mick Maguire, 889-5612

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tunbridge Historical Society canceled the scheduled May 2, 2020 meeting. For information regarding future meetings, please check our Facebook page.

Operations (bylaws, nonprofit status, etc.) – Informal discussions continue regarding incorporation processing, including how to be a 501C3.

Collections (archives and artifacts) – Committee members began the inventory process of items in archives located in the library basement prior to the library’s closing and hope to resume soon.

Programming – Two of the three events that we planned for 2020 were canceled. We anticipate that the remaining Ghost Walk scheduled for October 18 will go forward with proper precautions observed.

We look forward to input and participation by all. Please contact any of the officers to offer assistance, ideas.

President Emeritus – Euclid Farnham
Mick Maguire,
Fern Strong,
Elaine Howe,
Fred Pond,

Tunbridge Fuel Loan Assistance Committee
Ben Wolfe- 889-9467

This Committee was formed to steward the use of the Fuel Assistance Loan Fund for no-interest loans to Tunbridge residents. Traditionally we have focused on this as our main way to help our neighbors meet their needs. Our goal has always been to make sure that everyone has the ability to stay warm, by keeping our community strong and connected. To that end we are looking for new and different ways to support our community in the winter temperatures ahead, especially in light of the difficult economic times that swept in with the coronavirus.

Are you interested in getting involved? Do you have ideas you would like to share? Your insight and involvement are critical for the Committee to meet the needs of the community. We are looking forward to our next meeting later this month to determine how we can serve the community this heating season. We will be publicizing the date and time of this meeting just as soon as we schedule it.

(East-Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network)
Henry Swayze 603-667-8932
Amy Frost
Richard Dybvig
ECF office – 763-2262

ECFiber still has the stated goal of having service available for all roads in Tunbridge by the end of this year.

We hear from customers that some roads are open now but do not yet appear on the map. Unfortunately, the timing for any one location is not available. But if conduit work is needed for your location in order to bring ECFiber from the nearest pole to your house, now is the time to get this done before the ground is frozen! You can do the work yourself, hire someone to get it done, or even get a contractor through ECFiber. Check out the ECFiber website or call the office for instructions on how to do this and more information. Some financial help may be available. Thanks to all who signed up and supported this town-owned project!

Chelsea Area Senior Center
Susan Pirie, 685-2290,

Due to the Coronavirus, we are not offering the Congregate meal at this time but we are offering Meals on Wheels and Take-out meals. These are being done in a different way. The Meals on Wheels will come to your door and knock. Then they will go get in the car and wait for you to get your meals and wave to them saying you are ok. These are being delivered on Mondays and you are able to get up to 5 meals total per Senior.

As far as the Take-outs, all you have to do it call the number above before 9:30 am and we will get the meal/meals ready for you. We will give you a time to pick them up and they will be in a cooler at the side door. Everyone will get a different time so no one will have contact. These are done on Mondays and Fridays. The location of the Senior Center is at the United Church of Chelsea, 13 North Common, Chelsea, Vt. 05038. Stay Healthy.

Alliance for Vermont Communities
Michael Sacca – 889-3210

AVC and the Ashley Community Forest Committee have reengaged the selectboards in Strafford and Sharon in an effort to create a 256-acre community forest for the 4 Town (and beyond) region. It has the potential to be a rich environment for placed-based education and also education of the natural and cultural landscape. The Ashley Community Forest is open to the public for hiking. Please see our website for a trail map and parking instructions-

The 4 Town Trails Group that was formed after the VCRD visits have been engaged in some trail making activity on two conserved parcels including the Ashley Community Forest. One part of the work involves exploring the idea of a 4 Town network of gravel bike routes using public roads. Watch for notices of (Zoom) public meetings to be held this fall to engage the public with presentations and discussions of the project. AVC has engaged the Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program to help with the project.

We would like to welcome two new board members, Judith Falk and Micki Colbeck, both from Strafford. They bring a lot of energy and experience to the board in the area community relations and conservation work. We can welcome two more board members. Interested? If you enjoy working with are community-minded folks, give us a shout.

AVC welcomes your feedback, input, questions, ideas, and interest. Check out our website or contact Michael Sacca at 889.3210. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Tax-deductible donations are very welcome and can be mailed to: AVC P.O. Box 545 South Royalton, VT 05068 or be made at our donate page on our website;

The Shindigs
Janet Zug – 889-9602

I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone to hear that I’ve decided to cancel the upcoming season of the Shindigs. It would be the 14th year, hopefully we can make it up in 2021! Normally, the Shindigs are held at the Tunbridge Town Hall on the first Saturdays from November thru April with the January dance on New Years’ Eve. Perhaps we will be able to squeeze in the April dance outside.

I have a couple of ideas for ways to still support our local musicians and keep us dancing but no solid plans yet. Email me at the address above if you’d like to be added to the list for updates. In the meantime, I’ll be missing all the Shindiggers and the magic we generate together.

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Pat Howe, Vice President and Treasurer – 889-5512
Maxine Young, Secretary – 763-8274 –

For TNHN services, call: ***889-3437***

TNHN is available during this difficult time to help in slowing the spread of COVID-19. As stated in the news, a top priority in reducing the spread of this virus is getting people to stay home and if you must go out, please wear a mask.

If you or someone you know in Tunbridge is in need of assistance, such as pick-up and delivery of groceries and prescriptions, wood-stacking, and other tasks where physical distancing can be maintained, please call Neighbors Helping Neighbors phone line at 889-3437 and we will do our best to help.

Regrettably, we have to continue our current practice with COVID-19 not taking clients to hospital, doctor and dental appointments until it is deemed safe to do so for our volunteers and for the client.

We send our kindest thoughts to you and please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Current Board Members: Michael O’Donnell, Patricia Howe, Jory Innes, Maxine Young, Linda B. Howe, Linda Lazaroff, Sarah Priestap Porter, David Wolfe (emeritus).

Tunbridge Town Website
Geoff Hansen, 802-889-3373, or

Tunbridge’s town website is a timely resource for information from the Town Clerk, board meetings, upcoming events and past issues of the Tunbridge Quarterly. The selectboard’s recent remote meetings are also recorded and can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed or have any questions.

Fire Warden & Emergency Management Director
Brenda Field- 889-5548

Quick bullet points:

Opening our schools, getting back to work depends on our behavior. Stay attentive to staying safe for all by wearing masks in close spaces (6’), washing your hands a lot, if you visit folks from Red or Yellow areas on the State Travel Map map, isolate for 2 weeks.

We are coming into the time of the year, flu season, that the Governor and Dr. Levine are cautioning us to stay on track with our behavior.

Rumor has it that our Selectboard and Mike at our recycling area are going to keep the recycling open on Wednesdays until Oct 28th. Hopefully, this helps to ease rush hour and waiting in line a bit longer.

I don’t need to tell you it is very dry and we are in a drought. I have not put a burn ban on yet but I am NOT issuing burn permits until we get some decent rain. By not putting a burn ban on at this time it allows you to have small outdoor fire for family BBQ’s. Please, that doesn’t mean burning your yard debris in that space as you will need a permit for that purpose. Keep your flames low and control the sparks and remember I like natural casing hotdogs. Don’t leave your outdoor cooking area until it is out. It is so dry that roots could burn underground for hours and pop up again when you are not there.

Thanks to all for working together to keep us going forward.

Intelligence Based Policing
VSP barracks 802-234-9933 recorded

There is little to report about the activity of the IBP group, but the group is still dedicated to theIr original cause. If you listen to any TV, social media, or read news articles, you are aware that the coronavirus and economic stresses it has produced have increased the use of drugs and an escalation of domestic violence since the spring. Despite the pandemic, Vermont State Police and our local law enforcement officers continue to be busy doing their jobs keeping us safe. IBP’s recommendation has always been to contact them if you are aware of illegal activities. “If You See Something, Say Something.”


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