The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly is mailed four times a year to everyone that owns property and/or resides in Tunbridge and contains news and information from town and school officials and local volunteer efforts. The brainchild of Tunbridge resident Janet Zug, its first edition was published in July 2005 and has been curated by Janet ever since.

The deadlines for TQ entries are on the 15th of December, March, June and September. Contact Janet at 802-889-9602 or


Published October 1, 2022 – Follow this link to view or download the current issue in PDF format.

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Tunbridge Select Board
John O’Brien, Clerk
Gary Mullen, Chair
889-3323, barn or 889-3242, house;
Mike McPhetres, Vice Chair
802-272-6108, cell or 802-728-3390, shop;
Mariah Cilley, Administrative Assistant
802-889-5521 or

If somebody gave you $400,000, and the only string attached was that it had to benefit Tunbridge, how would you spend it? This was the question much discussed at an ARPA funds meeting held in the Town Hall on September 21st. Facilitated by Sarah Wraight, from Two Rivers-Ottauquechee Regional Commission, residents were given a tutorial on how we could spend our nearly $400,000 in Tunbridge-specific appropriations. To help narrow down the list of ideas on where the monies could be spent, Sarah—who has been expertly guiding TRORC’s 30 municipalities on all-things-ARPA—suggested we come up with criteria to weight the proposals: Considerations like “It must impact a large number of townspeople,” or “It should make a difference for a long time” made a lot of sense. Next steps? Now the Selectboard can start filling in the rubric and see what meets the criteria and is still affordable. When the list of proposed projects gets whittled down to a manageable number, with dollar figures and timetables, the Selectboard will host another public meeting to see if there’s consensus on what projects are a “go.” Couldn’t make it to the meeting? Contact Mariah Cilley, by phone, email, or curbside conversation, and tell her what your priorities are for Tunbridge.

Between the accounting, auditing and tracking of federal ARPA funds over the next four years, it was recommended that Tunbridge hire a Grants Manager to oversee this process. While we apply for grants all the time (mostly VTRANS and FEMA), the start to finish “paperwork” in this digital age is voluminous, complicated, and requires accountability. After a round of interviews, the Selectboard hired Tunbridgian Maryann Caron to be our new Grants Manager. Maryann has loads of experience in the grants world—she does similar work at Alice Peck Day Hospital—and she’s a familiar face in town having served on the School Board for half a decade. We should add that the 5 to 10 hours-a-week position will be paid for out of the ARPA funds. No tax dollars are being used for this hire.

We would be derelict in our duty not to mention “legal trails” in this edition of the TQ. Strafford residents and Tunbridge landowners, John Echeverria and Carin Pratt, represented by Vitt & Associates, have brought a law suit against the Town of Tunbridge (seeking a “declaratory judgement”) over the issue of maintenance and improvements on legal trails. Echeverria and Pratt opine that abutting landowners, not the town, have the legal right to maintain or improve legal trails. Paul Gillies, of Taranto, Gillies & Shem, representing Tunbridge, has asked for the suit to be dismissed. Vermont statute gives towns the authority to maintain and improve rights of ways, but it doesn’t have a duty to do so on legal trails. This litigious detour will keep the usage of the legal trails in its current “pause” status—walkers only—until it is resolved.

On a related issue, unilateral improvements by an abutting landowner on Sawyer Road—a Class 4 road—has convinced the Selectboard to develop a Class 4 Road Improvement Policy. The Selectboard isn’t opposed to abutting landowners privately financing improvements to their stretch of Class 4 road, but the work must be coordinated and approved by our Road Foreperson, Rodney Hoyt. A new culvert here or 100 yards of hard pack there might be dandy for one property owner, but it might dramatically change the flow of water for property owners down the hill, not to mention its subsequent effect on roads, ditches and wetlands. Rodney’s job: It’s all about where the water goes.

This time of year, before the snow flies, but in anticipation of imminent slippery roads, Tunbridge has amassed, in a grand pile, about as much sand as Old Orchard Beach. Having no active sand pit, we have to truck our sand in. What the glaciers gave Randolph, Tunbridge’s ten-wheelers taketh away.

Finally, two small projects in downtown Tunbridge are about to leap off the drawing board and be constructed in wood and donation: The Town bulletin board is about to reemerge on Sponable’s lawn (much appreciated) and a “little free library” will pop up next to the Town Office Building, thanks to the persistence of Susan Knapp, who has also promised to fill it with wonderful books for all ages. Although neither of these projects will receive ARPA funds, they nicely meet the criteria: Are they accessible to all? Check. Will they be used for years to come? Check.

The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly
Janet Zug 889-9602

TQ Entries are printed as received and only edited for typos. My apologies for any mistakes I miss or make! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

The deadline dates for TQ entries are the 15th of December, March, June and September.

Tunbridge World’s Fair

The Tunbridge World’s Fair had a successful year celebrating the 150th fair! We broke attendance records on Thursday and Saturday and came very close to breaking the 2017 overall attendance record! We would like to thank everyone in town for making this such a successful and memorable year! As we wind down the 2022 event season the VT Sheep & Wool Festival will be on the grounds the first weekend in October and we are working on filling the buildings with local campers, boats, cars, etc. to be stored for the winter ahead. We hope you enjoyed the events on the grounds this year, and we are busy booking events for 2023.

Tunbridge Board of Listers
Dan Ruddell, Helen O’Donnell, Darlene Miller 889-3571
Office hours: Tuesday and Friday from 9am-3pm.

ing and working here are borne as equitably as possible, across the town and across the state. Vermont goes out of its way to maintain a fair and equitable system of assessment and taxation, and those efforts make for a complex structure with many tasks to be administered over the course of the year. The state of Vermont is amid a projected three-year transition to a new system (VTPIE, for VT Property Information Exchange) that will better integrate the property transfers, homestead declarations and property tax adjustment credits, current use enrollments, and parcel mapping that comprise portions of our job complementing the maintenance of current assessment information.

We are starting our Northeast quarter rotation visits (east of VT Route 110, and from Drew and Hoyt Hill Rds. north). Our post cards went out to landowners in this area of Town a while ago, so this is an extra reminder of visits there in the coming months. These visits help us stay current with changes; we take exterior pictures of your property and will call you if an inside inspection would be helpful. We also appreciate a heads-up if there are significant changes to your property (up or down), whether you are in this portion of town or not.

We are open on Tuesday and Friday from 9-3, and email is the best way to reach us; phone messages are generally checked during office hours. We are still checking Homestead Declarations weekly. You can file a late homestead declaration and Property Tax Credit claim until October 15, 2022, though late fees and penalties will apply. If you have not received your tax bill (and you should have, they were sent in late August) please contact us at the number above, we may have an incorrect address. Revised Tax Bills are sent out if late Homestead Declarations are made.

We will review our 2022 sales with our District Advisor in the coming month. Our preliminary report indicates 77 total transfers, a slower rate of increase than 2021 but still a continuing climb in the last three years. Of that number, only 12 appear “valid” on initial review (not family members, divorce, life estates, subdivisions, etc.) – a continuing decrease over the last 3 years.

In 2021 and 2022 the sales trend in Tunbridge was mostly a quicker turn-around on sales, but in 2023 it appears overall sale prices in Tunbridge (and hence the value of our overall Grand List) are rising. It is important to remember that the amount of taxes is based on what we vote at town meeting (municipal taxes) as well as our Education funding, divided by the total Grand List. The amount of taxes needed to be raised is a given, but the Grand List accounts for how those taxes are divided up – hence our efforts to keep things fair and equitable. If recent sales continue to increase, it may become necessary to do a town-wide reappraisal to keep everyone on a level playing field.

An annual statewide Sales Study determines our Common Level of Appraisal (CLA), an equalization adjustment designed to bring each town’s grand list to fair market value and thus level the field between towns when calculating education taxes. Our last town-wide reappraisal was in 2010, and our current CLA is 98.92%. A mandated town-wide reappraisal is more likely to be triggered by our Coefficient of Dispersion (COD), a measure of equity within town, rather than our CLA. 4 Our current COD is 16.69%; a COD of less than 10% is considered indicative of a high degree of equity within town. We are mandated to do a town-wide reappraisal if our CLA drops below 85% or exceeds 115%, or our COD exceeds 20%.

The 2022 CLA and COD will be released in early January 2023 with full results of the statewide Sales Study.

Feel free to email, stop by, or give a call.

Tunbridge Treasurer
Becky Hoyt – 889-3571

Happy Fall!! I am very busy in the treasurer’s office this fall. We have already started our Audit with Sullivan and Powers. I do not anticipate any surprises but if you would like to read the report it should be ready by Town Meeting. Tax season is in full swing. I hope that everyone has received a tax bill in the mail. If you have not received one please contact me immediately. Sometimes the mail system is tricky. I hope everyone felt a tiny bit of relief when their bill was slightly reduced this year. Please always look over your bill to make sure it looks correct and if you have any questions always reach out to me. I am always happy to help explain your bill to you or find someone that can help you.

I want to remind everyone that there are lots of ways to pay your bill. You can pop it in the mail and request a receipt to be mailed back or emailed back if you send an address. You can visit me M-F in the morning. I will admit some days I have to take my son to school in Meriden and I will not be in the office until 9am, but I will be here until noon. If you come and I am not here please put your payments in the night deposit box to your left as you enter the building. Bonnie, and the Listers can also take a payment if you come on a Tuesday, Thursday, or a Friday. Lastly as always during the last few days before taxes are due I will extend my hours into the evening to help people who want to come later. I also accept a post mark from the post office, I must be able to read it, just keep in mind if you put it in the blue box on the 1st it will be post marked the 2nd which will make it late. If you take it into the post office have them hand cancel for easy legibility and a guarantee that it will be post marked the 1st of November. Also you can pay by Credit card through the website, this option comes with 3% fee charged by the Credit Card company.

November 1st is the absolute last day to pay your taxes without a penalty. Any payment received in my office after that day will have to go through Joe Paquin.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the info above. Often the best way to get ahold of me is email.

If your payment becomes delinquent please contact Joe as soon as possible to work out a payment plan. You can reach Joe at or 802-280-8382, email works the best as Joe works a full time job other than being the Delinquent Tax collector.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Tunbridge Town Clerk
Mariah Cilley, Town Clerk, Bonnie McCrillis, Assistant Town Clerk, 889-5521
Hours: Monday- Thursday 8-2, Friday Closed

Hello All! As I am writing this post, it is a chilly autumn morning and we have our first fire started here at home. I am feeling sad to see the warm summer weather go, but looking forward to the change of seasons. Before you know it there will be that four letter word that some folks are excited for and others are dreading!

I will be back in the office on Tuesday and Thursdays starting in October. I will have my newest assistant, Dove, with me who will be 4 months old! Stop in and say hi. My assistant Bonnie, has been doing an amazing job and we as a town are so lucky to have her! She will be in the office on Monday and Wednesday’s, and thanks to her help so that I can continue the balance of Mom- life and Town Clerk-life, the office will be back to being open all four days, no appointments required. As always, if you need to meet outside of that time, please let Bonnie or myself know and one of us would be more than happy to make arrangements to fit your needs.

As we get closer to the winter months, the things that come to mind for Tunbridge folks to know are the following:

Dump Hours: The dump is continuing to be open on summer hours on Wednesdays which is 4pm-7pm. These hours will remain the same until the time change. Once the time change occurs, the dump will be open 3pm-6pm on Wednesdays.

Primary Election: The Primary Election is November 8th. Voting hours will be 10am-7pm at the Town Hall. Many of you are requesting absentee ballots, which everyone will be receiving. The State of Vermont Elections Division is mailing out absentee ballots to everyone on the voters list. Please let me know if you do not receive one and would like one.

ARPA Funds: Our town has received almost $400,000 in funds from the government which we as a town get to discuss how we would like to see it spent. We met on September 21st at the Town Hall to have our first meeting asking for ideas from the public and discussing the parameters around the grant. We will have more meetings and would like to hear your thoughts! If you would like more information please reach out to our new Grants Manager Maryann Caron, or send me an email. More information can also be found on our website

As always, taxes are thankfully not in my job description. As tax season approaches, please reach out to our wonderful treasurer, Becky, with any tax related questions. She can be reached at or 889-3571.

If you would like to schedule a slot on an upcoming Selectboard meeting, please email me at and we can get you in. Enjoy this crisp fall air and the changing leaves, what a beautiful town we live in!

Tunbridge Grange # 384
Rosemary Distel 802-272-2235

This year, we are concentrating our fund raising to help with building repairs (we’ve had some water damage over the years and it’s been getting worse). This fall, we have scheduled some “Refreshment Breaks” at the Vermont Information Center off from I-89 in Sharon. We offer baked goods and other refreshments and the donations received go directly to the building repair fund, but any direct donations are much appreciated!

Grange Harvest Dinner

This year’s dinner will be held Saturday, October 22nd at the Grange Hall in North Tunbridge. Our Harvest Supper has always been very popular in serving the typical New England boiled dinner; ending with a huge selection of homemade pies for dessert! $15 adults; $7.50 children under 12.

We really prefer reservations though walk-ins are welcome, but only if space (and food) is available. Settings are 5:00, 5:30, 6:00 & 6:30. Early arrivals can wait upstairs in the main hall and see our beautiful historic hand-painted “Grand” drapery (stage curtain). Take-out containers are also available if preferred to eating in. Please call Mert Vesper at 889-5595 to RSVP with the time requested and number of seats.

We will also be seeking help with the dinner – (meal prep on Friday, 10/21 in the morning at the Grange Hall), waitstaff during dinner, and of course pie bakers!

Tunbridge Grange Christmas Craft Fair

The Grange will again hold a fundraising craft fair on Saturday, November 12th at the Tunbridge Grange Hall 10am to 3pm. The Grange will be selling light luncheon food and there will also be a raffle table.

We will be selling vendor tables and interested vendors should contact Linda Lazaroff at (802) 889-9421 or email: to register or if you have questions. Vendor space is limited, so don’t delay in reserving your space!


Friday night bingo will start up for the 2023 year on Friday, January 6. We will start the games at an earlier time of 6:30PM and will be held downstairs in the Tunbridge Town Hall instead of the Grange Hall in North Tunbridge.

Chelsea Area Senior Center
Susan Pirie, 685-2290,

In addition to offering Meals on Wheels and Curbside pick-up, the Chelsea Area Senior Center offers weekly meals and other activities. Contact the center for more information.

Tunbridge Library
NEW Hours: T 10-5; W 3-7; Th 10-5; F 3-7; Sat 9-12

This summer we celebrated the important legacy Susan Barnaby left behind for us with the opening of “Bumblebee Garden” our joyful and whimsical new outdoor space. On a warm summer morning family and friends from near and far gathered together to tell stories about the imprint she left on us, as well as to hear the words directly from the books she loved. Thank you to all who helped create this space and to those who contributed to this event, and for all who continue to help the library be such a vibrant community gathering space.

The first annual “Kickin’ it Together” Kickball tournament, a partnership with Tunbridge Library, Chelsea Library and First Branch School was a huge success! This exciting evening consisted of 6 teams each with 10-12 townspeople from Chelsea and Tunbridge. “Ketchum if you Can” came out victorious and went home with medals and bragging rights. Thanks in part to a grant from The Vermont Humanities Council we were able to offer free books, a StoryWalk®, patches from Outpatch and free ice cream. Burgers and hot dogs were also available from The Tunbridge Recreation Department We look forward to growing this fun event next year!

The second annual Turkey Trot will take place November 23rd @10am. Whether you walk, jog, run or volunteer, this is sure to be a wonderful community event with the opportunity to be with friends and family, enjoy some homemade pie, and possibly win a lego trophy!

Looking forward to the winter, expect to see lots of new programming. We will be offering tech nights to help navigate new devices as well as themed tech nights, including a social media start -up to help you get going on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and even online dating! We also are in the process of scheduling a block printing workshop for holiday card creating, and winter celebrations such as a lantern walk.

Thanks to the funding from The Ranger bike race this summer, the library is excited to offer new opportunities for families and individuals for outdoor learning in all seasons with Naturalist Kits. So far the library has added a river exploration kit with supplies to make discoveries about macroinvertebrates, crayfish and other life under the surface of our river. Thank you to Rudi Ruddell for introducing this important topic to a very well attended audience. It was an afternoon of rolled up pants, digging in the sand, and exciting finds!

Next up Nathaniel Sharpe of the Vermont Center for EcoStudies introduced our birding kit, complete with a bird call book, lamented laminated nature guides for local birds and their habitats, binoculars, a phone rig to take pictures of your close up finds, a birding journal and a backpack to keep it all safe. Throughout the next year expect to see guides on trees, tracking, survival skills, mushrooming, ferns and more! Our Naturalist kits can be found directly across from the front desk and are all available for checkout!

The after school program is in full swing. Each Wednesday for eight weeks dozens of children from The Tunbridge School hop off of the bus for various clubs including chess, LEGO, fiber, games, and comics! Everyone has a chance to check 8 out books in addition to all the fun activities Next session is for the students at the Chelsea School. If your 5-8 grader would like to sign up there is still space available. They can expect to participate in Dungeons and Dragons, a graphic novel club, a fiber group that will focus on fiber fashion, or Chess club. If you would like to be a volunteer during this busy time please connect! We are always looking for new help.

Other programs include “Shelf Love”, our adult book club; home-school day which is complete with a Red Clover Club and Golden Dome Club; chess club, and Bumblebee Garden Playgroup. Connect with us for more information on any of these wonderful programs or with new ideas!

The Tunbridge underground is open during all our open hours! Come on in and shop from the beautiful bookstore Kay Jorgensen and so many others work hard to put together. Cards, gifts, and books in all genres are available.

In other news, we are so excited to welcome Mariah Cilley to the Tunbridge library staff. Her knowledge of the town, enthusiasm for great literature, creative mind, and stellar organizational skills will be a huge asset to the library.

Tunbridge Historical Society
Fern Strong – 860-986-0507, Elaine Howe, Israel (Izzy) Provoncha,

The Tunbridge Historical Society is still looking for a new president. If you are interested, please contact any of the executive board members stating why you believe you would be a good fit and what your objectives would be. Our election of officers will take place in 2023 at the annual meeting some time in the fall.

2022 continues to be a busy year for programs. We had a successful Memorial Day program about the Red Cross in Tunbridge. Next year’s program will celebrate local women veterans. Please contact Elaine Howe if you have anything to contribute to that subject. The Tunbridge Speaks program on July 19 at the Tunbridge Congregational Church was about the Tunbridge World’s Fair as this is the 150th anniversary. Also, we had a second program on August 10th with a panel of fair participants who shared interesting stories. It was great fun with lots of laughs. Our annual Ghost Walk will take place in Kelsey Mountain Cemetery on October. 22 at 1pm. Please check for details about these programs on social media and local listserv. Our annual meeting was held on August 28th at the North Tunbridge Baptist Church. There was a display of some of our artifacts for the members to view.

We want to send a special thank you to Lydia Flanagan for her excellent work organizing our archives. It is a difficult job and we look forward to being able to share this excellent resource with the community in the future. We will be looking for volunteers to help carry on with this task. Please contact any of the officers if you would like to help in any way.

We look forward to input and participation by all. Please share information, questions, and photographs with us on our Facebook page and feel free to contact any of the officers.

Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Jamie Bradford 889-3478

October 09-15, 2022 is Fire Prevention week. Each year during Fire Prevention Week there is a theme, this years theme is “Fire Won’t Wait, Plan Your Escape!” This theme reinforces the importance of developing a home escape plan with all members of the household and practicing it regularly. The Fire Department is happy to answer any questions you may have around this topic. Please take the time to make an escape plan for your home. We plan to visit the school community this year to help spread the message of fire safety, we are excited to have this opportunity again and share our knowledge.

Please remember that it is important to check your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and have your chimneys cleaned and your furnaces serviced this time of year. Mark your calendars to replace your detectors batteries every time you turn the clocks back and then again when you set your clocks ahead. The Fire Department can be reached by email to help with any of your fire safety and prevention questions.

The Fire Department hopes that everyone that was able to attend had an enjoyable and safe time at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair this year. We appreciate everyone’s continued support with the coin drop. This is the Fire Department’s biggest fundraiser and we are grateful that we were able to hold this fundraiser again this year. As always the Fire Department is looking for volunteers, if you are interested in joining the department, helping fund-raise, or looking for more information please reach out to Simon Bradford at

The Shindigs
Janet Zug – 802-738-9602

After a 2 year hiatus the 15th season of the Shindigs is on! The series of six dances are held at the Tunbridge Town Hall from 7:30 – 10:30 on the first Saturdays from November thru April with the January gig on New Years’ Eve.

Potluck munchies and visiting downstairs, dancing upstairs!
$15. admission at the door. All proceeds go to the bands.

Nov.5 – Ted Mortimer & the Unusual Suspects Roots, rock and funky blues for dancing.
Dec.3 – The Flames Hard-core country, Western Swing, all-out rockabilly, and original tunes.
Dec.31-The Party Crashers • New Years’ Eve 9pm – after midnight • $20. cover Motown to modern pop. High energy, soul filled music for all generations.
Feb.4 – Full House Rock, country and blues together with full harmonies all for dancing!
Mar.4 – John Lackard Blues Band Authentic, rockin’, danceable blues in John Lackard’s unique style. Apr.1 – Timothy James Blues & Beyond Good vibe, high-energy arrangements from the modern American songbook.

Tunbridge Community Food Shelf
Open Fridays 4:00 to 6:00

The Tunbridge Community Food Shelf has had a very successful summer supplying the community with fresh vegetables and herbs purchased from the Tunbridge Hill Farm, as well as providing a small variety of groceries at our outdoor food pantry. We thank the community members who have generously shared their produce or dropped off additional other foods this summer. However, we are reaching the end of the growing season and warm temperatures. We will be moving back into the Parish House in the near future. We don’t want to lose any patrons from our summer project, so we encourage everyone to continue using this resource. Pick up vegetables and other foods during food shelf hours, Fridays 4:00 to 6:00. The setting is convenient, non-judgmental and manned by accommodating volunteers each week. There are no questions on income, per se. The food is for anyone who really needs it. The only requirement is to let us know how many people are being served in your household. This is information requested by the VT Food Bank and the USDA.

The indoor food shelf additionally offers a variety of meat and a much wider selection of foods than available at the outdoor food pantry. It is the committee’s hope to continue to supply an additional selection of veggies through the fall and winter than in previous years. We don’t want the success of the summer program to end, so please drop by and see what is available. This is also a great resource to supplement the diet of a friend or relative, who you know could use food assistance. When you see the red OPEN sign hanging outside, stop by and check us out.

Also visit the community food garden on the Parish House lawn, through early fall. We would be pleased to receive any vegetable and herb donations, when you clean out your gardens this season. We also appreciate receiving other grocery items, convenience foods, easy to prepare items and especially ingredients for baking, to help stock our shelves. Items can be left in plastic by the back door, as long as the weather isn’t freezing.

Please note, as stated in several previous Tunbridge Quarterly, our phone number is 802-693-0098. Messages have to be left and will be forwarded to the food shelf committee. Anyone wishing to make monetary donations may send them to Mary Fisk, treasurer at PO Box 12, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

Ed Larkin Contra Dancers
Clyde Jenne –

The Ed Larkin Contra Dancers are back at the Tunbridge Town Hall! Dances start at 7:00pm

October 14 (free to all)
November 11 (free to all)
January 13
March 10
April 14

All dances taught, all ages welcome. February 10 Dance canceled if snow is predicted. Donation requested at the door.

The Tunbridge Church
Kay Jorgensen, (802) 693-0098,

After holding July worship services at South Tunbridge Methodist Church and August Sundays at North Tunbridge Baptist Church, services have returned to the Congregational Church in Tunbridge Village. Everyone is welcome — The Tunbridge Church seeks to foster an inclusive community of faith that accepts individuals on their unique spiritual journeys.

The Rev. D Gene Kraus will lead most of the worship services through December. He will serve communion on the first Sunday of October, November and December and lead every service during Advent, Nov. 27 through Christmas Eve. There will not be a Dec. 25 service.

Rev. Kraus is a retired UCC minister with experience in a variety of church ministries, including organizing new churches, serving as pastor and interim pastor and in conference and national staff positions. In retirement he is an active volunteer and Bethel Selectboard member. He is deeply involved in Climate Change advocacy with the statewide organization 350VT. This organization educates, advocates and if necessary demonstrates for a just transition to a sustainable energy future.

The church recently hosted the annual Fair Service of Worship featuring hymns and history to celebrate the Tunbridge Fair 150th anniversary. Portia & Barry Wampler related stories about the fair’s first hundred years. Elaine Howe and Marybeth Lang led singing of period appropriate songs with Helen O’Donnell as pianist.

The church’s annual Community Yard Sale on July 9 raised $1,500 for the Lunn family who lost their housing in a fire. The Outreach Committee hosted Super Seniors Luncheons in June and August and will have one more in October.

All are welcome to Bible Study with Liz and Vinnie White on Wednesdays at 4 p.m. at the Parish House. Women Moving Forward meets monthly on the third Thursday at 12 at the Parish House for a potluck lunch. Books that offer comfort and support are at the house for anyone to borrow or keep.

The Tunbridge Community Food Shelf is open Fridays from 4-6 p.m. in the Parish House. Please see the separate TQ writeup about produce and other goods that are available at the Parish House lawn creche. Al-Anon and AA meet at the house on Sundays at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. respectively

Most worship services are streamed and recorded via Zoom. Dial (646) 876-9923 to join by phone on Sunday morning – meeting ID: 858 4950 1899, passcode: 526048. Recordings can be found at the “Index to Services” link at

To join the church email list, call or write the Church using the info above. The church welcomes support of its programs at PO Box 270, Tunbridge VT 05077 or by credit card at

Better Bones
Kay Jorgensen – 889-5528,

A twice-a-week session of the free Better Bones balance and weight-bearing exercise program is offered at the Town Hall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 p.m. It is aimed at increasing bone density at an age when bone mass is lost and osteoporosis is a concern. Anyone can drop in for a session. A doctor’s permission is requested for those who continue with the program.

Tunbridge Conservation Commission
Betsy Gaiser –
Cheryl Metcalf, Jory Innes, Maureen McCullough, Michael Sacca, Scott Beavers, Evan Reiss, Eliza Minnucci

This fall finds the TCC bidding adieu to one of our longest serving members, Ellen Hosford. Ellen served as our chair for a stretch and most recently shepherded us through a strategic planning process that has helped us map out enough projects for the next five years. We are so grateful for her diligence and leadership and are glad she promises to not to be a stranger. Thank you, Ellen!

We were fortunate to welcome Evan Reiss onto our Commission, a parent, musician, farmer and woodworker from over on Bicknell Hill, Evan has hit the ground running and we are so glad to have him. We have room for one more member. If you are interested, reach out, or come to a meeting.

In August the TCC collaborated with the White River Partnership to clean another section of the First Branch, this time around the Howe Bridge at Belknap Road. Fifteen volunteers pulled 24 tires, a lot of metal and a sewing machine from the river on a gorgeous morning. This annual event is actually quite a pleasant way to spend a morning. Consider joining us next year!

Looking ahead, we are co-sponsoring a series of events at the Town Forest – Garage Lot. Each event has a special focus and host. Keep the following dates in mind: November 12 – History with Izzy Provoncha, December 3 – Tracking with Lynn Levine, January 7 – Fire with Eliza and Brenda. Find our flyers in the library for more details, or read online at the town website.

Looking a little further ahead, we are excited to announce that Winter Evenings will be returning to Tunbridge and your TCC is booking some of those evenings with wildlife and conservation speakers as this TQ goes to press. The TCC meets the first Thursday of the month at 6pm at the Tunbridge Library.

Tunbridge Fuel Assistance
Ben Wolfe (802-693-0164)

Everyone needs to stay warm in cold weather, and this year it will likely be harder than ever for many of our neighbors to afford necessary fuel. The Tunbridge Fuel Assistance Committee was formed to help residents access heating resources, including our Fuel Assistance Loan Fund. This Fund was formed to make no-interest loans available to Tunbridge residents to pay for heating fuel of any kind. In short, our focus has been to manage a loan program designed to spread the high costs of winter fuel over a longer period.

The Fuel Assistance Committee has run into numerous challenges, and we are looking for residents with compassion and creativity to join us in doing our best to meet the energy needs of our neighbors. Your involvement could include serving as a member of the committee, or helping brainstorm a new approach that can really help relieve the financial pressures of residents in need. Please join us for our next meeting (time TBD), in the next two weeks. We will be publishing notices online, on bulletin boards, and in the Herald. We look forward to your input and your support!

Tunbridge School Club
Tiffany Bates, 802-693-0396

In September members of the Chelsea and Tunbridge communities began to work together as the Friends of First Branch Schools to continue the traditions of the Friends of Chelsea and the Tunbridge School Club. We have many fundraisers ahead of us, and look forward to supporting and celebrating our students and school staff.

This fall we will be selling 2023 calendars with paintings by our own Michael Barnaby. You can reach out by email to purchase, or look for us at community events. This year, for each calendar you purchase you will be entered to win one of two framed prints! We also have a few select Tunbridge Covered Bridges Glasses for sale. Look no further than the Friends of First Branch to kick off your holiday shopping!

Our first act of celebration as a combined group was to shower some gratitude on our custodial staff who went well above and beyond to prepare our buildings for this new school year, and then hit the ground running (literally) while helping to direct traffic and answer every radio call for help as the school year got underway. We also made a point to share some love with the Mariahs of the Tunbridge Public Library who spent long days getting our Tunbridge school library ready for action at the end of August. Three cheers for all the helpers out there, your communities appreciate you!

The Friends of First Branch Schools meet monthly on the third Wednesday at 6:30pm, alternating school libraries, our October meeting is in Chelsea. A link for virtual attendance will be made available. Email to get on our mailing list, or for the meeting link. All community members are welcome to join!

First Branch Ambulance
Judy Tucker – 889-3305

FBA is conducting a fund raiser this fall with the drawing taking place Dec.15th. A Polaris 2021 side by side ATV is being offered at $50.00/ticket. A maximum of 500 tickets to be sold.

EMT classes are starting up in with labs in Be them. We continue to look for new members to our dynamic crew.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who has continued to support us by purchasing red house numbers for$20.00, purchasing chances on our raffle and stopping by our booth at the Fair to play the rip offs.

Our current dispatch services, which were provided free by the VSP is coming to an end. We are currently working on a new dispatch service plan. The cost to our unit may range around $15,000. Such a large budget item will unfortunately require an increase service cost to our communities. More information will follow as it becomes available.

To obtain a red house number sign, call the number above.

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors
For TNHN services call 889-3437

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors coordinates and provides basic services at no charge to town residents through the efforts of volunteers. We are a non-profit organization whose operating costs (primarily phone service) are supported by the generosity of Tunbridgians who allocate funds at Town Meeting, and by donations, which may be sent to TNHN, P.O. Box 22, Tunbridge, VT 05077.

A few of the services offered by TNHN are:
• Rides (see below)
• Pick up of prescriptions or other goods from stores
• Cooking meals for people who are unable to cook for a short time
• Minor repairs or painting, minor home improvements, changing a lock*
• Changing a flat tire or jump-starting a car
• Simple repairs to household appliances*
• Help lifting or moving large objects
• Delivery of library books or Food Shelf items
• Help with gardening, lawn care or stacking firewood
• Shoveling snow off walkways and steps
• Other reasonable requests
*Please note: the cost of any materials needed falls on the person requesting help.

Rides could include transportation to and from nearby medical appointments, church and other local events, car repair/service appointments and shopping trips. If the trip is a long one, please be aware that some drivers may need riders to contribute to the cost of gas due to high fuel prices.

In recent months we were able to help fix the door on a chicken coop to keep out predators and refer a neighbor to someone who could bush hog a path to a spring.

Anyone needing help with something should call 802-889-3437. We do our best to find a volunteer who is available for that specific request at that specific time and date. However, on occasion that is not possible, especially if advance notice is not given.

We are always on the lookout for more volunteers. To join our list, please contact any of the board members listed below or call 802-889-3437. We respect and value your willingness to help your neighbors.

Tunbridge Town Website
Geoff Hansen, 802-889-3373, or

Tunbridge’s town website is a timely resource for information from the Town Clerk, board meetings (including videos of meetings via Zoom), an Events Calendar listing upcoming meetings and community events, and past issues of the Tunbridge Quarterly. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed or have any questions.


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