The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly is mailed four times a year to everyone that owns property and/or resides in Tunbridge and contains news and information from town and school officials and local volunteer efforts. The brainchild of Tunbridge resident Janet Zug, its first edition was published in July 2005 and has been curated by Janet ever since.

The deadlines for TQ entries are on the 15th of December, March, June and September. Contact Janet at 802-889-9602 or


Published April 1, 2020Follow this link to view or download the current issue in PDF format.

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Tunbridge Select Board
John O’Brien, Clerk, 889-3474;
Gary Mullen, Chair, 889-3323;
Mike McPhetres, Vice Chair, 802-272-6108, cell or 802-728-3390, shop;
Jillian Conner, Administrative Assistant, 889-3744;; Office Hours: Monday, noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

We are at war against the coronavirus.

Mindful that the TQ entries are written two weeks before the TQ appears in our mailboxes, and considering how fast government and medical recommendations have changed day-to-day for COVID-19, we will attempt to stick to the facts and provide useful information here that won’t be out-of-date by tomorrow or July.

To keep current with the daily Federal and State recommendations, visit, or call 211 for general questions and/or guidance. Keep calm and follow common sense:


  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Fever of 100.4 or greater.
  • You should be fever free (Signs and Measurements) for 24 hours without fever-reducing or symptom-altering medications before returning.
  • Any other acute respiratory illness symptoms (cough, shortness of breath)
  • Wash your hands often, at least 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Routinely clean frequently touched surfaces (Phones, Keyboards etc).
  • Increase your social distancing
  • Don’t shake hands, Don’t hug etc.
  • Try to maintain distance between you and others. (6’ or better is best).

If you are symptomatic

  • (Subjective or Measured Fever, Cough, Difficulty Breathing)
  • Self-isolation, social distancing
  • Seek health advice to determine if medical evaluation is needed. (Call your doctor before you go!)
  • If sought, medical evaluation and care should be guided by clinical presentation; diagnostic testing for COVID-19 should be guided by CDC’s PUI definition.
  • Travel on commercial conveyances should be postponed until no longer symptomatic.

As for the Town of Tunbridge, it’s critical that we keep our employees and municipal officials safe and functioning. To that end, as much as possible, we will try to do Town business over the telephone and internet, and, if it must be face-to-face, preferably by appointment. Of course, the Road Crew can’t plow and sand by Skyping, but we can help them do their jobs by not dropping by the Town Garage or flagging them down on their rounds. If you need to reach the Road Crew, call 889-3319.

Potentially, the economic fall-out from the coronavirus epidemic might be just as serious as the disease itself. While we may be able to weather school and business closings for a month, a prolonged lock-down would have disastrous effects on families and communities, on our financial resources and on our health, mental and physical. Recognizing the increased levels of stress and anxiety caused by this crisis, it is crucial that we support each other. Communicate! Let’s talk! If, for any reason, you are reaching a breaking point—you can’t pay your bills; you have no food, you can’t feed your pets or livestock; you have no heat; you can’t afford gas; you’re stressed out; you feel the situation is helpless, please call or email us. Tunbridge is in this together, and Tunbridge will get through it.

The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly
Janet Zug 889-9602

The deadline dates for TQ entries are the 15th of December, March, June and September. Entries are printed as received and only edited for typos.

My apologies for any mistakes I miss or make! Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Current and past issues of the TQ are always available online at The first issue of The TUNBRIDGE Quarterly was mailed in 2005. The idea to publish this newsletter for our town came to me on the way home from a public forum meeting our Planning Commission held on communications. The Tunbridge Broadband Committee was also formed at that time, which eventually led to ECFiber. Since then, Tunbridge volunteers and town officials have been writing entries every three months which I compile into the TQ format. Spaulding Press does the printing and then the pick up, labeling and sorting for the bulk mailing is all completed here on Dickerman Hill.

Tunbridge Town Clerk

Jillian Conner – 889-5521
Hours: Monday, noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

As I write this entry, I am working from home in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. This is a challenging time for Vermonters and Americans alike, but we’re all in it together. For the time being, beginning on 3/17, the Town Office is closed to the public. Myself, the Treasurer and Listers are still available via phone, email and snail mail to help you with any requests or questions you may have. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you would like to request a slot on a Selectboard meeting agenda, please email or call the number above.

Fortunately for me, tax matters are not within my job description, so questions related to tax payments, bills, etc. are best answered by Becky Hoyt, our town Treasurer. Her number is 889-3571.

If you would like to reserve the Town Hall for an event, please call Judy Howe at 889-3487. She maintains the reservation book, reservation contracts, and can answer any other particulars that you may need to know.

Contact information for all Town Officers is posted on the Tunbridge website- Our town website has a plethora of information about the Town, Selectboard minutes, updates from various officials, and more.

Dog Licensing: Due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19, we have decided to waive late fees for dog licensing after 4/1 until further notice. Cost per license is $9.00 spayed/neutered; $11.00 for non-spayed/neutered. Stay tuned for when late fees will be re-enacted. You may get dog licenses at the Town Clerks Office, or by sending payment, rabies certificates, and return address by mail.

The following lists the various vital record events that have taken place in Tunbridge since September.

Vital Records: Since the last quarterly, there have been four births to residents of Tunbridge, one marriage, and three deaths. As always, if you’d like more information regarding these events, please contact me and I’d be happy to share any public information that you seek.

A reminder to new parents – if you have a new Tunbridge baby, please stop in to the Clerk’s office to pick up a baby quilt. The Sewing Circle have supplied us with some lovely quilts for our new brand new tiny Tunbridge residents!

Tunbridge Historical Society
Mick Maguire, 889-5612

The Tunbridge Historical Society met on January 26, 2020, in the Tunbridge Library with 17 people present.

Operations (bylaws, nonprofit status, etc.) – Committee is investigating the incorporation processing, including how to be a 501C3. We now have a Facebook page and planning website.

Collections (archives and artifacts) – Committee visited the Vermont Historical Society to see how they catalog items. Committee members have begun the inventory process items in archives located in the library basement.

Programming – We have identified 3 events that we plan for 2020:

  • Memorial Day Parade on May 25
  • Tunbridge Speaks on July 14.
  • Ghost Walk on October 18

The Tunbridge Historical Society meets quarterly. The next meeting is anticipated for May 2, 2020 at 3pm in the Tunbridge Library.

We look forward to input and participation by all. Please contact any of the officers to offer assistance, ideas.
President Emeritus – Euclid Farnham
Mick Maguire,
Fern Strong,
Elaine Howe,
Fred Pond,

Tunbridge Grange # 384
Rosemary Distel 802-272-2235

The Tunbridge Grange’s Friday night bingo had been placed on hold due to the pandemic. We hope to re-start it back up later in April, but we just aren’t sure at this time. Please stay tuned for future public announcements.

The Grange is already planning to enter a float in the Memorial Day parade. If anyone is interested in helping with the float, please contact us. Also, remember that the Grange Hall is available to rent; if interested, please contact Mert Vesper at the number below.

The Grange supports our local community (like families in need or the school). We meet the first Wednesday of the month at 7 PM and the meetings usually only last about an hour and then we have good conversation and snacks! Please consider joining the Grange so we can continue to keep this worthy organization going.

For more information, contact Marilyn (Mert) Vesper 889-5595.

Tunbridge Board of Listers
Dan Ruddell, Helen O’Donnell, Jola Brock 889-3571,

Due to the COVID-19 our offices are closed to the public pending further notice. We are following state and local guidelines on social distancing. We ask for your patience as we all try to get through this challenging time. As we are trying to finish rotational reviews of the southeast quadrant of town during this time, we will be making phone calls instead of visiting properties.

HOMESTEAD DECLARATIONS AND HOMESTEAD PROPERTY TAX ADJUSTMENT CLAIMS ARE DUE APRIL 15, 2020, even if you anticipate filing an extension for income taxes (adjustments can be made later and still be considered timely if you file by April 15). Tax preparers sometimes need to be reminded about the Property Tax Adjustment claim in particular, especially if they are out of state preparers.

The Property Tax Adjustment Claim for 2020 is due April 15 and no later than Oct. 15. There is a $15 late fee after April 15, as well as proportional late penalties. If you are eligible, the Homestead Property Tax Adjustment can be a critical piece in making ends meet, and it is filed at the same time as the Homestead Declaration. YOUR LIFE AND OURS GO MUCH EASIER IF THESE DEADLINES ARE MET.

Further information can be found at: and

We received the results of the annual statewide sales equalization study in late December 2019. Tunbridge now has a Common Level of Appraisal (CLA) of 102.23%, a continued drop from a peak of 116.38% in 2016 (our last town-wide reappraisal, when the CLA by definition was 100%, was in 2010). The CLA helps equalize sales values across towns for purposes of leveling education taxes ( ion-tax-rates).

The Coefficient of Dispersion (COD) is a measure of equity within the town. A COD of less than 10% is considered indicative of a high degree of equity within town. This year our COD is 16.34%. We are mandated to do a town-wide reappraisal if our CLA drops below 85% or exceeds 115%, or our COD exceeds 20%; none of these thresholds applies in Tunbridge this year.

Education tax rates are divided by the CLA; if the CLA is over 100%, the education tax rate is adjusted downward (as will happen in Tunbridge this year).

The sales study includes valid sales from a moving window of the last 3 years. In 2019 this window included 17 valid sales, a slight decrease from last year but fairly consistent with a relatively flat trend in sales.

Our goal is always to set a fair market value for each property in town and ensure that the costs of living and working here are borne as equitably as possible across the town and across the state. (Ask yourself, “what do I think I could sell my property for on the open market?”)

We are working on our southeast corner rotational visits and photo updates, as well as trying to assess any new construction or other significant changes in any part of town. Our deadline for assessing property for the 2020 Grand List is on or before April 1, 2020. Any transfers we receive on April 2nd go on the 2021 Grand List.

Feel free to give us a call.

Farm to School at TCS
Catlin MacGlaflin

Tunbridge students had the unique and delicious opportunity to meet local farmer and cheesemaker, Kent Underwood of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company. Kent is a fifth-generation dairy farmer in South Woodstock, VT and president of Vermont Farmstead Cheese Company. Kent talked to TCS students about his cows, the cheese-making process and the different types of cheeses they make. Kent brought samples of four different types of cheese: two types of cheddar, maple cheddar and a Tilsit (similar to Havarti). Students enjoyed trying to figure out which cheddar was maple-flavored. “I can tell this is maple because it tastes so much sweeter,” swooned one first grader and “I like the soft cheese because it doesn’t taste like cheese,” was possibly one of my favorite comments of all. All said and done, TCS students enjoyed learning more about the cheese-making process and tasting a variety of cheeses.

In addition to the cheese taste test, Kindergarten students prepared brownies for all TCS students with a secret ingredient…Beets! Most students loved the brownies and were very surprised by the sneaky secret ingredient. This spring we look forward to hosting more taste tests and getting our hands dirty in the garden! If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about the Tunbridge Farm to School program please contact Caitlyn at

Tunbridge Library
Hours: Mon & Wed 3-8, Thur & Fri 3-6, Sat 9-3
Jean Wolfe, Librarian 889-9404
Fern Strong, ArtSpace Coordinator, 860-986-0507;

As of this writing, the Library is closed in order to reduce the public risk of sharing or contracting the coronavirus. At this time no in-person events will be occurring at the library. Items are being quarantined to make sure we are 100% certain they are free of the virus before we implement plans for circulating them.

The Library is making numerous online resources available. We are looking into videoconferencing for events, and Mariah is offering Story Hour through ZOOM on the first and third Saturdays at 10 am. Contact us for more information.

We continue to offer wifi 24/7 at the library which is reachable from your vehicle on Route 110 or the drive to the Fairgrounds. Make sure that you stay inside your vehicle, to prevent the spread of the virus. Contrary to some rumors, you do not need to have contact with another person with the virus to contract it, as scientists have found samples of the virus can remain active for up to nine days on hard surfaces. Also, a person can be carrying it for up to 14 days without showing symptoms. Its longevity, contagiousness, and dormancy combined with the destructive and subtle way it attacks the lungs and makes this epidemic a serious and ongoing crisis. Please do your part to protect your community, and end the coronavirus for goo. is the government’s go-to source to learn more. Much is still unknown about this virus, so use an abundance of caution as you make choices to consider going out or handling items from outside your home.

On this and other topics, the library is sending out updates and posts through emails, on our website (, and on Facebook. There are lots of downloadable and online resources to keep your mind content and your spirits lifted.

You can email us with any questions, ideas, or thoughts at Staff will be available to answer questions during library hours (889-9404): Mondays and Wednesdays 3 to 8 pm,

Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 6 pm, and Saturdays 9 am to 3 pm.

We look forward to serving you any way we safely can. Hang in there!

Intelligent Based Policing
VSP barracks 802-234-9933 recorded

Spring is a time of increased flow….sap from our maple trees, ice from our local streams and rivers, and unfortunately an increase in the drugs in our area.

There have been many reports of increased activity recently. The IBP’s main goal is to try to identify this scourge and let the proper authorities know. We realize that it’s frustrating to watch what one may feel is “nothing being done”. It’s hard to see perpetrators walk free or not get caught. But it still requires the community to not treat this behavior as normal and acceptable. Townspeople need to realize that the Orange County Sheriffs Department has only been authorized for three hours per week in Tunbridge. The VSP troopers cover nineteen towns out of the Royalton barracks and can’t be everywhere at once. (Though we are thankful for their wonderful support of the IBP group.)

If you see something, please say something. It is as simple as emailing or calling the Vermont State Police at the information printed above. In addition, we encourage you to cc South Royalton Police Chief Loretta Stalnaker at 802 763-7776 and/or Sgt. Scott Clouatre at 802 685-4875. Both of these individuals have been extremely supportive of the program and regularly attend our meetings. If you are uncomfortable with directly letting law enforcement know information, there are members of the IBP group who are willing to listen to your concerns and report for you. Stop into one of the meetings, which are held in the Tunbridge School library most Wednesdays at 6:00.

Intelligence Based Policing supports the inclusion of the educational LEADS program at the Tunbridge School, and thank the town select board for including it in this year’s budget. It is presently being taught in many other area schools, already. The group also fully supports and encourages rehabilitation for all those living with addiction. But as education and rehabilitation are happening, society has to identify and stop those selling and dealing drugs. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING! As our flyer suggests “ The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of those that do evil, but because of those who watch it and let it happen.” – Albert Einstein

Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department
Jamie Bradford 889-3478

The Fire Departments Annual Meeting was held on March 12, 2020, at 6:00 p.m. at the Tunbridge Town Hall. At this event, a potluck dinner began at 6:00 p.m. followed by the meeting that began at 7:00 p.m. Any and all community members are welcome to attend and we thank those who were able to attend. At the meeting, Simon Bradford was re-elected as our Fire Chief and two firefighters were honored for 15 years of service to the town. Thank you Matt Loftus and Vern Maxhamm Sr. for volunteering 15 years of service. Jamie Bradford was reelected as the Clerk and Amy Young was re-elected as Auditor. John O’Brien and Peter Button were re-elected to the board of trustees. The trustees serve as members for a two year period.

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt put on by the fire department each year will be canceled this year. Due to the heightened awareness and safety protocols around Covid-19, this event will not take place. We look forward to seeing everyone next year.

This year’s Memorial Day parade will be May 25, 2020. Orders for meals can be placed by calling 802-889-5518 or 802-889-3274 beginning on May 10, 2020. All orders will be available for pick up after 12 pm. All meals include 2 side salads, a dinner roll, and a beverage. Please bring a bag or box as needed to carry out your order. Meals and individual pricing for 2020 are as follows:

Chicken half $8 Chicken Meal $12 Hot Dog $2 Hot Dog Meal $6

We look forward to seeing you at the parade!

The Fire Department is always welcoming new Volunteers. If you are interested in joining or would like to receive information about joining the Tunbridge Volunteer Fire Department please stop by a meeting any Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. or email

Tunbridge Town Website
Geoff Hansen, 802-889-3373, or

Tunbridge’s town website is a timely resource for information from the Town Clerk, board meetings, upcoming events and past issues of the Tunbridge Quarterly. Please let us know if there’s something you would like to see listed or have any questions.

Tunbridge Civic Club
Elaine Howe, President 889-5560
Maxine Young, Secretary 763-8274 –

The 67th Annual Comedy and Musical Showcase was held on March 13th and 14th. Due to the coronavirus, audience attendance was low, as many were exercising caution and staying home. As a group we decided to go on with the show anyway, fully appreciating the fact that this would likely be the case. This is a difficult time for us all.

We were fortunate that we had a healthy turnout on stage, with new people and new acts. Everyone in the cast came through and the audience, although small, enjoyed every minute, singing along with the chorus and dancing in the aisle. What a show it truly was – such talent in “them there hills” of Tunbridge!

Looking forward to next year. Take care and stay healthy.

Chelsea Area Senior Center
Susan Pirie, 685-2290,

Due to the Coronavirus, we are not offering the Congregate meal at this time but we are offering Meals on Wheels and Take-out meals. These are being done in a different way. The Meals on Wheels will come to your door and knock. Then they will go get in the car and wait for you to get your meals and wave to them saying you are ok. These are being delivered on Mondays and you are able to get up to 5 meals total per Senior.

As far as the Take-outs, all you have to do it call the number above before 9:30 am and we will get the meal/meals ready for you. We will give you a time to pick them up and they will be in a cooler at the side door. Everyone will get a different time so no one will have contact. These are done on Mondays and Fridays. The location of the Senior Center is at the United Church of Chelsea, 13 North Common, Chelsea, Vt. 05038. Stay Healthy.

The Tunbridge Church
Kay Jorgensen, 889-9828,

Easter Week: At this writing, we do not know what the situation with the coronavirus will be. Please watch for online notices about this Easter schedule: April 5, Palm Sunday service, 10 a.m.; April 10, Good Friday

Tenebrae Service, 7 p.m.; April 12, Easter sunrise service at the top of

Strafford Road (about 6 a.m., to be announced) followed by Parish House hot drinks and pastries; April 12: Easter worship service, 10 a.m.

New Pastor: The Rev. Dr. Jennifer “Jenny” S. Cook is the church’s new settled part-time pastor. She began her tenure in February after serving as interim pastor for four months. Her previous experience includes being a senior minister, directing Christian education, ministering to the homeless, leading retreats, and being a police and fire chaplain.

Aside from her ministerial work, Jenny is a Reiki master/teacher and a certified life coach and reflexologist. She has degrees from Valparaiso University and Ashland Theological Seminary and studied at Andover Newton Theological Seminary. Most recently she was full-time senior pastor for a UCC church in Connecticut. She is in Tunbridge on weekends and available for pastoral visits and counseling on Saturdays.

Care for the Caregiver: The Rev. Jenny Cook leads this time for caregivers on the second Saturday of every month through June at 10:30 at the Parish House, corner of Route 110 and Potash Hill Road. Those who can stay are invited to a light lunch at noon.

Attendees will have time to relax and unwind through prayer, conversation, sharing resources, a little yoga, music, a spiritual discipline, and maybe even a laugh or two. Drop-ins are welcome. If you know in advance that you would like to attend, please call 401-263-5812.

Jenny comes to this program with background in clinical pastoral work at the Cleveland Clinic, retreat writing and leadership, and many years of caregiving experience for family members at various levels of infirmity. She has written and taught seminary curricula on grief, caregiving, and self-care.

Church Activities: The Outreach Committee will host Super Senior Luncheons in April, June, August and October. Residents over age 80 can contact Nancy Chapman at 889-5542 for information and a reservation.

Local nonprofit groups are invited to set up display and raffle tables on the Parish House lawn on Memorial Day. For information and to confirm space contact Kay Jorgensen at 889-5528,

The church is accepting donations of gently used goods for its tables at the July 11 Community Yard Sale. Proceeds from vendor space rentals on the lawn and church tables will go to the fund for Parish House restoration.

The Community Food Shelf is open Fridays from 4-6 p.m. at the Parish House. Sunday worship services through June are at 10 a.m. at the Tunbridge Village church. The choir welcomes new members at rehearsals on Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. through mid-June.

To receive weekly church announcements and the bimonthly newsletter by email contact

Tunbridge Fire Warden
Brenda Field- 889-5548

Spring is coming. Thanks to all that call through the winter if you are planning on a big burn.

Permits are required once there is no snow surrounding your planned burn. These are easy to get from myself or John Durkee over the phone.

You still need to use your own common sense as conditions could change and wind pick up. Those early warm, sunny days that may even have patches of snow out there are the busiest for spring fires across the state. We tend to NOT issue permits during this time. Let the green grass come up and slow those fires down that could get away from you.

Plan ahead and call us at: Brenda Field- 889-5548 John Durkee- 889-3408

Tunbridge Women’s Group
Elaine Howe -889-5560

Local women are invited to send their email addresses to Elaine Howe at to receive Tunbridge Women’s Group (TWG) mailings.

In addition to sharing community news through occasional emails, the women’s group hosts monthly potluck suppers in local homes. This is an informal group without officers, committees and duties that offers women a chance to meet each other and share conversation and information about their interests.

Alliance for Vermont Communities
Michael Sacca – 889-3210

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As we navigate the rapidly changing and unsettling reality of the global pandemic, the Alliance for Vermont Communities would like to let you know plans for the next couple of months.

A primary focus of our mission is to protect and nurture our communities, and that is important now more than ever. As you likely know, we have been working to donate a large parcel of land to Sharon and Strafford as a community forest, known as the Ashley Community Forest Project.

In light of the current situation, we are putting a hold on discussions with the Sharon and Strafford Selectboards (and other parties) in regard to the Ashley Community Forest. We are also delaying the special town meeting vote to respect social distancing practices. These important conversations will commence once it is safe to do so, and we will keep you informed of any progress we make in the meantime.

We remain hopeful that another set of late spring series of educational walks at the Ashley Community Forest will be possible. Being outside with others in a safe setting may be a welcome addition to our calendars, again if the situation allows in 8-10 weeks.

As of now, The Ranger Bike and Community Event will continue as planned on June 14, 2020. For more details about this celebration of our communities, our land, and our values, please check out the website at We will keep you posted on any changes.

In the last two weeks, the world has become a different place. This is a time for rural, neighborly instincts, habits, and attitudes to kick in. Think about shopping for older folks or to help form a neighborhood network to take care of each other. Share with each other and donate to the food shelf. Take a walk up your road and stop and talk with neighbors, just keep a safe distance.

If possible, get outside and take solace in the natural world. The birds are returning and the trees are waking up. Sit down and plan your garden, and order seeds if you haven’t yet. Prune your fruit trees. Bake bread.

This will pass. That said, in the coming weeks and months, we will face hardship , and perhaps deep sorrow. We are here for each other; let’s each do our part as we pull together. Together We Can.

(East-Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network)
Henry Swayze 603-667-8932
Amy Frost, Jim Ludwig
ECF office – 763-2262

Chris Reccia Chief operating officer of ECFiber told me today as the Tunbridge Quarterly goes to press that most of the hung fiber (94% of the town) will be lit so customer installs can move forward in the May June period. We are fed from hubs in Royalton, Chelsea and Vershire. All have new equipment installed to handle Tunbridge. Customer connections are being spliced into the main cables but no new fiber has yet been lit. In-house service hookups must have lit cable on the poles. The office is working on protocols now for how to do the in your house part of the install. I am sure they will be in touch with you when they are able to make a house call. (COVID 19) The office is doing as much work from home as they can and Eustis cable enterprises who are doing the majority of the pole work is also keeping office staff home. Chris says they expect to have all customers online by the end of the year and will do their very best to hook up customers just as soon as possible. We are living in interesting times.

There is an incentive to getting signed up now. It is more efficient for ECF knowing where customers are as they are set up their work schedules. This deal will be honored for any household already signed up who re-signs up.

Here is the deal: one in every 25 new sign-ups will be awarded: free standard installation and receive wicked fast internet speed of 800mbs for a year at the price of Basic service. This is a great deal for you to learn just what wicked fast is like. The more customers on the map the sooner you will get service.

To subscribe now to or call the office 802-763-2262.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of your three Tunbridge reps on the ECFiber governing board (This network belongs to the town and you.) Amy Frost , Richard Dybvig , Henry Swayze

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Pat Howe, Vice President and Treasurer – 889-5512
Maxine Young, Secretary – 763-8274 –

For TNHN services, call: ***889-3437***

Tunbridge Neighbors Helping Neighbors is available during this difficult time to help in slowing the spread of COVID-19. As stated in the news, a top priority in reducing the spread of this virus is getting people to stay home.

If you or someone you know in Tunbridge is in need of assistance, such as pick-up and delivery of groceries and prescriptions, wood-stacking, snow shoveling and other tasks where physical distancing can be maintained, please call the Neighbors Helping Neighbors phone line at 889-3437 and we will do our best to help.

Regrettably, we are no longer able to drive people to appointments, shopping, or other destinations until such time as it becomes safe to do so.

Senior Centers are doing Meals on Wheels and if a person is in need of Meals on Wheels delivery, they need to call before 9:30 a.m. on the designated day and will be put on the list immediately. Chelsea 802-685-2290 Mondays and Fridays; Strafford 802-765-4121 Wednesdays; South Royalton 802-763-7386 Tuesdays and Thursdays. South Royalton and Strafford are delivering and Chelsea will be a pick-up.

We send our kindest thoughts to you all and please, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Current Officers: Michael O’Donnell, President (763-8985); Pat Howe, Vice President and Treasurer (889-5512); Maxine Young. Board members: Linda B. Howe, Linda Lazaroff, Sarah Priestap Porter, David Wolfe (emeritus).

Better Bones
Kay Jorgensen – 889-5528,

The Better Bones sessions have been cancelled until further notice. Notices will be posted on the town Facebook page, Front Porch Forum, Tunbridge List and sent to the Tunbridge Women’s Group email list when sessions resume.

Emergency Management
Brenda Field- 889-5548

Contact me, Brenda Field if you may need extra help during a natural disaster like flooding, wind damage, ice storm etc. If your power was out for days, do you have special needs ie: oxygen, medicines, generator, food?

I have a simple form that is confidential, stays with the State Emergency Management dispatch and if our town experiences such an event, either myself as Emergency Management Director or the Fire Chief can call the state to retrieve your home address and check up on you right away.

Once you fill out this form, the state will update it with you each year.

Do you know someone you think may need this attention, let me know and I can contact them to assist filling out this very short and simple form.

Tunbridge Walking Group
Maxine Young-802-763-8274

The Tunbridge Walking Group continues to walk three or four times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. We will schedule a Monday or Friday walk occasionally also. We meet at various locations (an email is sent each week) and walk for about an hour to an hour and one-half. There is a core group of walkers, however, we have many walkers who join us occasionally as time allows. With the weather improving, we will occasionally set up longer hikes to interesting areas around the state.

To be added to the e-mail list, contact Maxine at the above e-mail. Tuesday walks will again be at 9:30 a.m., until qigong classes resume. Once qigong resumes on Tuesdays at 9:30 a.m., the walks begin at 10:30 a.m. Well behaved dogs are welcome on our walks/hikes. Occasionally, the dog will have to be on a leash for part of the walks so as not to go onto peoples’ properties or present a danger to itself or the walkers.

Tunbridge Central School
Charles Brown, principal.

On March 20, 2020, the Tunbridge Central Schools closed for three weeks in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Since that time we are actively providing lessons and school work for students to do at home. This work is designed as an enrichment and way to keep students from regressing from the learning levels they are presently at. Teachers, staff, and counselors are reaching out to parents and families on a regular basis to check on learning and to offer support.

We are also continuing our breakfast/lunch programs for students. Any student 18 years of age or younger can get breakfast and lunch at the school. We encourage parents to reach out to teachers if they have questions or need support with the packets and Google Classroom assignments that were sent home. Healthcare sites for children of essential workers are being set up in Sharon and Bethel. More information can be found on the supervisory union website.

Friends of the Tunbridge World’s Fair (FTWF)
Joann Welch – 802-477-2147

The Friends are gearing up for another fun-filled year! Considering current health concerns, our first annual meeting will be on May 13th.

Anyone interested in making a donation or becoming a member of the Friends can join by sending a check to:
Friends of the Tunbridge Worlds Fair
P.O. Box 159
Tunbridge, VT 05077

Annual membership fees are: Single- $25, Couple- $50, Family- $100. Lifetime memberships are $1000 (can be paid over 3 years).


TQ 60, pub. April 1, 2020
TQ 59, pub. Jan. 1, 2020

TQ 58, pub. Oct. 1, 2019
TQ 57, pub. July 1, 2019
TQ 56, pub. April 1, 2019
TQ 55, pub. Jan. 1, 2019

TQ 54, pub. Oct. 1, 2018
TQ 53, pub. July 1, 2018
TQ 52, pub. May 15, 2018
TQ 51, pub. Feb. 15, 2018

TQ 50, pub. Nov. 15, 2017
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TQ 46, pub. Nov. 15, 2016
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TQ 42, pub. Nov. 15, 2015
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TQ 38, pub. Nov. 15, 2014
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TQ 34, pub. Nov. 15, 2013
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TQ 30, pub. Nov. 15, 2012
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TQ 26, pub. Nov. 15, 2011
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TQ 22, pub. Nov. 15, 2010
TQ 21, pub. Aug. 15, 2010
TQ 20, pub. May 15, 2010
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TQ 18, pub. Nov. 15, 2009
TQ 17, pub. Aug. 15, 2009
TQ 16, pub. May 15, 2009
TQ 15, pub. Feb. 15, 2009

TQ 14, pub. Nov. 15, 2008
TQ 13, pub. Aug. 15, 2008
TQ 12, pub. May 15, 2008
TQ 11, pub. Feb. 15, 2008

TQ 10, pub. Nov. 15, 2007
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TQ 6, pub. Nov. 15, 2006
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TQ 2, pub. Oct. 15, 2005
TQ 1, pub. July. 15, 2005