Town Officers

Contact and other information for officials can be found by clicking on their underlined title.

Elected Town Officers

(*Term Expires)

Liz York (2022)

Town Clerk
Mariah Cilley (2022)

Town Treasurer
Rebecca (Becky) Hoyt (2022)

Gary Mullen (2022)
Mike McPhetres (2023)
John O’Brien (2024)

Darlene Miller (2022)
Helen O’Donnell (2023)
Dan Ruddell (2024)

Anissa Morrison (2022)
Linda Hoyt (2023)
Betsy Race (2024)

Town Agent
Judie Lewis (2021)

Town Grand Juror
Lenora Kimball (2021)

First Constable
Bruce Jones (2022)

Second Constable
Position open

Cemetery Commissioners
Baxter Doty (2022)
Dennis Cilley (2023)
Ben Tucker (2024)

Trustee of Public Funds
Rob Howe (2022)
Matthew Frost (2023)
Liz York (2024)

Library Trustees
Theresa FitzGerald (2022)
Catherine Freese (2022)
Mark Bomalaski (2023)
Michael Krauthamer (2023)
Anna Dechert (2024)

Collector of Delinquent Taxes
Joseph Paquin (2022)

School Directors
Maryann Caron (2022)
Michael Gray (2022)
Jacqueline Garran (2023)
Nicholas Zigelbaum (2023)
Kathy Galluzzo (2024)
Sue Kay (2024)

Justices of the Peace
Elected Nov. 3, 2020. Term ends Feb. 1, 2023.
Gordon Barnaby, Amy Frost, Marsha Higgins, Rob Howe, John O’Brien, Helen O’Donnell and Margaret Rogers

Appointed Town Officers and Representatives

Assistant Town Clerk
Bonnie McCrillis

Planning Commission
Brenda Field
Amy Frost
Laura Ginsburg
Gary Mullen
Israel Provoncha
Daniel Ruddell
Janet Wells
Shane Young

Conservation Commission
Scott Beavers
Betsy Gaiser
Ellen Hosford
Jory Innes
Cheryl Metcalf
Eliza Minnucci
Michael Sacca

Administrative Assistant to the Selectboard
Mariah Cilley

Trails Committee
Luke Barnaby
Jonathan Bicknell
Betsy Gaiser
Ellen Hosford
Kevin Rose
Daniel Ruddell
Susan Solster

Recreation Committee
Luke Barnaby
Jeremiah Caron
Kathy Galluzzo
Matthew Galluzzo
Seth Johnson

Road Foreman
Rodney Hoyt

Health Officer
Jodi Hoyt

Fire Warden
Brenda Field

Floodplain Administrator
Daniel Ruddell

Pound Keeper (Dogs only)
Tammy Mullen

Service Officer
Mike McPhetres

Truant Officer
Position open

Tree Warden
James Ludwig

Surveyor of Wood/Timber
Paul Harwood

Fence Viewers
Gary Mullen
John O’Brien
Jon Pease Jr.

Recycling Coordinator
Position open

Green-Up Coordinator
Eliza Minnucci

ADA Coordinator
Position open

Jim Ludwig

Two Rivers Regional Commission
Michael Sacca

Tunbridge Representatives to the following Boards:

First Branch Ambulance
Barbara LaFrancis
Judy Tucker

South Royalton Rescue
Robert Sponable

Chelsea Senior Center
Susan Pirie